SA reports low sperm count, but none found in testicular biopsy


We are very confused… My husband has has 2 semen analysis. First came back with a low count and no motility. 3 weeks later the same result. The fertility Dr. said testicular aspiration was the way to go. So, we go through IVF, my eggs are harvested and when he goes in for the procedure that same day they find NOTHING. No sperm at all. They did 5 biopsies each testicles that poor guy. He is still healing, but in a couple of weeks will go in for another semen analysis with a new lab to rule out an error with the first 2 tests.

Has anyone heard of anything like this? The Drs are scratching their heads which is not very encouraging.


I can sympathize with what you are going through. My husband has had 3 semen analysis’s and 2 of them only showed a couple sperm and the other one showed none. The urologist was able to find sperm with a TESE for our IVF cycle but our embryos arrested before the transfer. The urologist did tell us though it’s a “hit or miss”. He said there have been times where he was able to find sperm and then when he went back the 2nd time he was unable to find any. We have decided to proceed with donor sperm because of all the uncertainty with my DH’s sperm. I know this all can be very frustrating but hang in there!