SA results please help me understand


Here are some details from my SA. I am in total shock as anyone would probably be. My wife (30) came off birth control for about 3 1/2 months and we were able to conceive but miscarried after 6 weeks. She just had surgery to remove a polyp in her uterus which may or may not have caused the miscarriage.

Anyway I got my results (age 35)

Days Abstinent: 1.5 days (not the 2min they required)
Semen Volume: 4.3 mls
Sperm Count (conc.): 170 million/ml (not bad???)
Total Sperm Count: 731 million (Holy crap???)
Motility: 73 %
Viscosity: Normal
pH: 8.0

Seems good so far right?

I left my worksheet at home to give you much more detail but these have been burned in my head all night. The most concerning was the Morphology and breakdown.

I had 1% normal on the strict scale with 90% Severely amorphous. 92% of the amorphous in the breakdown chart were just categorized as amorphous with like 1% in the other categories (head,neck…)

Should I worry? 1% of 731 million is pretty good #s. That was my first test and I have researched that I should not base anything off 1 test. Could my 1.5 days of abstinence affected the results? I also have no diet or exercise but I am not totally unhealthy.

Any help/support would be much appreciated. I am going to schedule another SA to compare.


Dude, this is a great sperm count.


Even with only 1% morphology on the strict scale, with you count numbers, I wouldn’t be too worried. My DH’s total count is below your good morph numbers. And you have good motility too.


Morphology may be a problem, though more specific numbers needed. With bad morphology and good sperm count though your have some chances of conceiving naturally too, you at least have quite good chances with IUI or IVF.
Please consider this is my opinion of going through this for a couple of years and I am not a doctor or somewhere close :slight_smile:

Good luck!!!