Sac moving down


I’m at a loss. My betas have gone up but aren’t huge doublers. Because of this my doctor has been skeptical that this pregnancy was viable. My US at 6 wks showed a sac measuring 4w6days. I’m having a hard time understanding because I believed that is actually how far along I was with IVF. I just had another US yesterday (3 days later!) and the sac is the same but has moved “down” in the uterus. The RE says this is the body’s way of trying to get rid of it, and I should expect to miscarry in the next week or so. I am getting back beta results today, but last week’s were 1524.
I just read a bunch of articles about retroverted uteruses. One GYN told me mine was like that too years ago.

Is all hope lost because the sac has moved? What do I do?



So a week later the sac is back up, and I am measuring at 6 wks, although nothing to be seen in the sac…


Did you get another U/S with an update? I will be thinking about you and hoping that you get good news.