Saving for IVF TTC natural till then


Hi! Im Amber. I am currently saving for my first IVF cycle. Until then we are trying naturaly (kinda). I ordered clomid online and I still have a few months of prometrium left. I do not ovulate on my own and my periods are so scattered that I need to be on meds in order to try the “old fashion way”. I am kinda hoping that we get :preg: this way and all the money we save can just go to decorating a new nursery! :slight_smile:

Today is CD1 for me and I feel pretty crapy. I think the prometrium does it to me. The worst side effect for me is my boobs feel like they are rotting off!! OUCH!!! I am doing clomid days 3-7 because thats what my RE had me doing with IUI’s.



Hi Amber, good luck :grouphug: Glad to see ya posting!!!


Thanks! I have been checking the other thread and I saw a few BFP’s you being one of them!! Im so happy for you. When do you go in for your u/s? I hope you have a healthy 9 months ahead of you. I bet its a relief that it happened on your first try with IVF! Congrats again. Keep me posted, Ill be here! lol


Hi amber! I am out of money for IVF (after 2 cycles and 2 FETs). So we are back to trying natural. I bought a clearblue fertility monitor and am going to order some royal jelly and bee pollen in honey and cross my fingers.

We tried on our own off an on for 11 years and never got pregnant, so it is an extremely long shot, but we have no choice. Good luck!


Wow! Thats a long time of ttc! I cant imagine how frustrating that would be. Where are you in your cycle right now? Just remember miracles can happen and do happen. Keep faith and I will pray for you.
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AFM: CD2 and really bad cramps. :confused: I also have A LOT of bleeding and this evening I noticed a LARGE clot that got me a little concerned. I dont know what to think about it but I guess its normal. I will start clomid 150mg tomorrow! :clap:
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I just had an early miscarriage from my last cycle of IVF in november. Because of the weirdness of miscarrying, I am still not sure if I have had AF. I bled for several days and passed what I am pretty sure was the gestational sac and then the bleeding tapered off, but then a few days later I started again with a bright orange color. So, basically I have no idea where I am - LOL.

I am thinking that I will just have to wait till next month and start then. No biggie since I am also planning on getting some fertility blend for DH and we will both need some time for the supplements to work.

I know you are still trying for #1, but don’t give up. After 11 years we did finally have success with IVF #1 and have a wonderful daughter as a result.


Today I started on my clomid!:clap: Im a little nervous though because my doc had me on 100mg before and I usually got 1-2 follicle. I hope I dont over stimulate. I think it will be ok though. Im still having a LOT of blood clots that are really big. And usually on day 3 things start to slow down but Im still full flow! I wonder why this period is so different than all my others.
Anyway I hope we get some more girls on this forum. I looked around and couldnt find anything like this.



Yay for starting clomid!! The heavy period could be a good thing if it means you are shedding a really thick old lining. Could mean a nice, new, fresh one for this cycle. Fingers crossed!

There may be others who are trying naturally on another forum - I am not sure.


I hope that is the case about my period. A nice new fluffy lining would be a good thing.
Day 2 of clomid for me! YAY!!! My DH has the next two weeks off work so we will be able to do lots of :dance: :dance: :dance: !! How are you doing? I hope you get to start your cycle soon.
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I just saw that your DH has MF issues. Have you guys tried fertility blend or any other supplements? I have read amazing things about fertility blend. I also had DH on pycnogenol and a multivitamin last cycle. It seemed to help his counts. Might be worth trying while you guys are saving up.


Hi, ladies! I recently had surgery for blocked tubes in hopes of a natural pregnancy. If it doesn’t work then we will do another IVF cycle in March… which could very well be our last cycle or at least for a while anyway. We started TTC over 10 yrs ago. We did take a break after nearly 6 yrs, but through it all I still cling to HOPE!!! I have seen/heard of others who conceive naturally after years, so you never know. Good luck to you alll!!!

ttc#1amber - I would for sure look into supplements/vitamins for your DHs swimmers. My DH had a rock bottom average count in 2003. 8 yrs later he is [U]top[/U] of the charts - excellent!!! He takes A LOT of vitamins!!! I am a firm believer in supplements/vitamins.


Hi babybuggy!

Do either of you have a fertility monitor? I got mine on ebay for 50 bucks and I am really hoping it will help by identifying O.


Babybuggy- :welcome: thanks for the advice! I plan on getting some fertility blend for DH this weekend! I hope it helps.

Maryevelyn- I dont have a fertility monitor. I just got a OPK to help. Its not the greatest but Ill check into that.

AFM: Day 3 of clomid. :af: is finally gone! Im glad things are moving along but it cant move fast enough.


Maryevelyn - I have always wanted to get a fertility monitor but, I never have invested the $ for one. I used to use the regular OPK test. I would use those along with BBT. Last month I bought the digi OPK… LOVE THEM! Sooo much easier to read than regular OPK strips! I don’t think they had the digi OPKs years ago when I started charting, so I was sooo happy to find them!!! I hope you are able to have success naturally & go on to extend your family! :flower:

ttc#1amber - I hope the Clomid works!!! Do you have any side effects? I took Clomid back in 2004… it wasn’t the right med for me. I tried it for 4 cycles but, it set my endo off like wild fire! I know it helps for some, so I hope it’s just what you need to have your little one! :babydust: I might try Femara next month with or without IUI… not sure.


Hey everyone! Sorry Ive been MIA for a while. Ive been working a lot.
So today is cd 11 for me. I started my OPK and nothing yet. I am starting to wonder if the clomid I got in the mail is actually clomid! I dont feel any fullness or anything for that matter. Clomid usually gives me hot flashes and a lot of other side effects. I havent had any.:grr: Have any of you ordered clomid online before?!? If you have where did you order it from? The ones I got are kinda pinkish in color and came in a weird package. Im confused. I hope the opk shows a surge soon.

How is everyone else?


Hey there ladies!

Amber - hopefully you got the real stuff and O is coming soon.

babybuggy - I got my monitor off of ebay for 50 bucks.

Have either of you heard of soy isoflavones? I just read about it a couple of days ago, but basically it is called ‘nature’s clomid’. You can find it at walmart and other drugstores in the menopause section. You are supposed to take it like you would clomid on days 3-7 or 5-9. And you are supposed to take double the dose of clomid that worked for you (50mg of clomid = 100 mg of soy iso). if you have never used clomid, start at about 80mg the first cycle.
I am going to check it out if my cycle ever gets back on track. I am still bleeding/spotting from my chemical _ this makes 17 days so far. :frowning:


I posted yesterday and its not there anymore?!?!?!?! I dont know what happened.

maryevelyn- I hope your cycle gets going soon! And Im pretty sure I got the real clomid! :slight_smile:

baby- Where are you?! Hope your doing ok

AFM- I have been testing for Ovulation for a week now and this evening I got a positive!! Its the darkest I have ever seen it before:clap: . Im really mad at DH though because he is off work this week and well today he… ya know… UHHHHHH. REALLY??? WHY ON EARTH?! Oh well I cant change it now. We :dance: last night so thats good. And we will deff :dance: tomorrow before I go to work :smiley:

Hope everyone is doing good! :babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


Hi Ladies,

I hope that I can join this thread. We are not doing IVF because of the expense. We have been trying for 3 years and have had to miscarriages. I have Low Ovarian Reserve with AMH at 0.2. We did one cycle of Follistim at 225 already it was cancelled do to over stim. I am getting ready to start cycle number two on the 6th. They are putting me on 150 this time. I am looking forward to getting this cycle started but so nervous it will be cancelled again. I wish you all the best of luck.


Hi Ladies

just wanted to say good luck with ttc…
have any of you tried [SIZE=2]acupuncture…I really think it may help…[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]I tried it with my last IVF and I’m almost 35 weeks pregnant…I really believe it made a big difference in my cycle…but you have to go to someone who’s a fertility acupuncture.


amber - yay for the big O! And lol at DH - sounds like something that would happen here… fingers crossed for you!

anna - welcome!! so sorry for your cancelled cycle. Good luck!

afm - I think I am finally over the worst of the bleeding. I pretty much bled the whole month, but it seems to be getting better. I am hoping to have a normal period around the middle of january and I will start using my fertility monitor then.