SCH subchorionic hematoma or blood clot


Has anyone been diagnosed with SCH? I am 6 weeks 3 days pregnant with first ivf round and started bleeding yesterday. Went in for ultrasound and there was a large clot twice the size of baby and blood surrounding 45% of sac. Interestingly the clot was completely in a different place than baby so there was no placental abruption or anything. I’m kind of wondering if the clot didn’t result from the 2nd blast they put in there. I’d be interested in information from anyone who has experienced this.


I had an enormous SCH that was 3 times the size of my baby’s sac with my daughter. I bled heavily with lots of clots starting exactly 2 weeks after my transfer. I got put on bed rest for almost 7 weeks and the bleeding progressively slowed and then stopped. I was able to resume normal activities around 14 weeks and went on to carry my little girl to 39 weeks without any further issues. She is now a healthy 2 year old. I know how scary it is but it can turn out ok. Take it easy, don’t do any activities that aren’t essential and hopefully your SCH will resolve without further complications. We were really scared since I was basically told to go home, sit on my butt and pray since they didn’t know how it was going to end. I wish you all the best that it resolves for you and you get a happy ending


I had 2 on our first IUI. When I lost 2 of my triplets, it made 2 SCH. It didn’t start causing problems until 12 weeks when i started bleeding. I was monitored very closely, but one of the SCH was above our 3rd baby and that caused all sort of issues. We ended up losing our son at 15 weeks due to placental abruption and pPROM. I have heard the sooner you get a SCH the better it is vs the later SCH. Goodluck!!!


I had red, gushing blood at 11w5d and found out it was an SCH, moderate in size.
Ultrasound at 12w4d showed a slight increase in size of the SCH.
I go back tomorrow (14w) for another check and I just pray that it has begun to resolve.
I had the one “big bleed” at the beginning and have had on and off brown spotting since - nothing even very noticeable.
So far, baby is just fine.
OB seems encouraged by that, but I know it can go either way. From the informal “research” I have done it seems that most of the time this turns out ok. But, it’s very, very scary.
Good luck to all of us!


Thank you for your responses. I really appreciate it. I had the big bleed day before yesterday. Yesterday it subsided. Last night it was back and I passed a huge clot. Now its back to the rusty spotting. But I don’t feel as pregnant so I think its gone. I haven’t had cramping or contractions but there have been some goofy sensations or twinges. Its so hard to tell. If I’ve lost it then so far this is the easiest miscarriage I’ve ever had. If its still in there I’d be surprised. I hate this bedrest and waiting. I’m bored out of my mind.


I’m so sorry you are having bleeding. I will certainly be keeping my fingers crossed that your baby is still ok. I can’t tell you how many times I have read about women who bleed so badly (and pass clots) and swear up and down that they lost the baby, but then it turns out they didn’t. These SCH’s cause A LOT of bleeding and it’s terribly scary. Keep us posted. I really hope things turn out ok!


Thanks rubes. The bleeding has stopped entirely since that clot. Nausea back this morning although mild…but I never get extreme nausea. Boobs hurt again this am but I had hcg shot last night too. But at 21000 and hcg is only 100 on third day, I don’t think its enough to give any symptoms really. Last shot 3 days prior didn’t cause sore boobs. So I suspect its still in there, although have decided to stop worrying about it. Theres nothing I can do. If its gone I have five high quality embryos left so hopefully they’d thaw well and implant. Monday couldn’t come soon enough though.

I feel for everyone with this problem. It sucks.thanks for the support.


I hope everything goes well today!!! Will be thinking of you…


Rubes…how did that ultrasound go? I hope well.

I didn’t get mine until late yesterday. Clot is 1/2 size. Baby grew. Dr. Is giving us 85 to 90% success rate. Bed rest 2 more weeks. Heartbeat was 145. I’ve been nauseated all day. I think I’m finally hitting those high hcg levels. I will take it!


[QUOTE=tika0928]Rubes…how did that ultrasound go? I hope well.

I didn’t get mine until late yesterday. Clot is 1/2 size. Baby grew. Dr. Is giving us 85 to 90% success rate. Bed rest 2 more weeks. Heartbeat was 145. I’ve been nauseated all day. I think I’m finally hitting those high hcg levels. I will take it![/QUOTE]

That is GREAT news!! :clap:


Tika, I am so glad to hear the ultrasound went well! That is wonderful news! Yes, it’s so funny when we welcome being nauseous with open arms!

My ultrasound on Friday was ok. The SCH showed no change, so for peace of mind I am trying to take that as good news. I’d rather have it start to resolve, but I guess having no change is better than a change for the worse. I go back in 2 weeks and am already stressing. I still have not bled again, so I’m hopeful that is a good sign as well. And, I feel this boy moving around and I’m getting bigger every day which is comforting!


Thank you for your support. Its so helpful to have people who get it.

Rubes731, I agree it would be nice to see it shrink but so long as baby grows and sch doesn’t this is good. My doctor said as long as I didn’t have another active bleed I should be fine. Of course I’m not out of 1st trimester so I have other concerns. But for you at this point I’d assume things are ok.

I’m taking extra vitamin e just in case. I’m also staying very hydrated. I’m hoping this will somehow help.

I still get nervous. Like this morning my breasts seemed a little less tender. But on the day of bleed they didn’t hurt at all. I have to keep reminding myself as long as nothing is coming out I have to assume its still there.

Doesn’t help I have a good friend who has twice had missed m/c. I keep thinking it could die and I’d just be carrying it around. I don’t know how you can stand going 2 weeks without an u/s. I’d go insane!!


I know this is so, so stressful.

The one thing that is helping me right now (with my fear of m/mc) is the fetal doppler. We bought one with my first pregnancy and it is great. I purchased a no-thrills one from Amazon and it’s perfect just to put it on my belly and hear the baby’s heartbeat whenever I get nervous. I didn’t try it with this pregnancy until close to 10 weeks (they say you can’t consistently hear it until 12w), but I found it right away. It’s so comforting!!


I’ve already planned to buy one but wanted to get to 10 weeks first so I didn’t waste money. I definitely need that peace of mind. Good to hear it works.


I went back in and the clot has moved. Its about an inch and sitting right on top of my cervix. But now it surrounds the sac 40% vs 25% and this means we are back to 50/50 vs 85 to 95% chance of success. So every day is a total stress again. I’m so frustrated. How can I possibly enjoy this pregnancy like this. I don’t mind losing them earlier on but its getting further in. An 11 or 12 week loss would bother me.



I am sorry to hear that things are tough right now. I am learning that these things are so unpredictable and that is the worst! When do you go back again? I will be sending my thoughts and prayers that your next appointment shows some resolve in the bleed.

I go back on Tuesday, and I’m so nervous. I know exactly what you mean about not being able to enjoy this. I’m trying so hard, but I just can’t get rid of the shadow of dread that hangs over me. I just keep telling myself that every day that the baby has a heartbeat is one step closer to this being over and holding a baby boy in my arms. I’m 15w5d today. I could not even fathom losing him now.

Sending big hugs your way!


Rubes…I’m having appointments every monday right now. I have to remind myself the same thing. Its day by day and sometimes by the hour. I will only be 9 weeks monday but every time I go in and see the heartbeat its more real so I know I’m beginning to have expectations no matter how hard I try not to. I can’t wait till 10 weeks. Question…my first u/s showed measurements 2 days ahead schedule. My third was only 1 day ahead. When they measure yours is it a 'll ways at the same growth rate or does it sometimes vary? I’m trying to decide if I should be concerned that we lost a day last week.


I know what you mean… The distance between my last appointment and the next is 2.5 weeks, and sometimes I get freaked out about what is going on inside that I don’t know about in the time period. But, then it’s also been kind of nice to relax a little bit and not get all stressed out, like I do walking into their office every time. I know that today my baby has a heartbeat, so I’m just trying to go with it. Easier said than done, I know.

Don’t worry at all about the babies growth. RE and many ultrasound techs have told me that 5 days in either direction is just fine. I’m 16 weeks along now and each ultrasound has measured from 1 day behind to 4 days ahead. It varies every time and it’s really hard to get a precise measurement on ultrasound. I think everything sounds just fine!

I hope your next visit goes better on Monday. I go back on Tuesday and I’m nervous too. I wish I could have a drink before going in. I need some liquid courage like never before. HA!


Today was a good day. Finally the baby is larger than the sch. Heart rate was 178. I saw the little nugget move its arms and legs. We are back to 80% success rate and I’m off bedrest. :dance: I love work and miss it greatly. I’m going to go buy the doppler today. I’ve resorted to tarot cards to project things. Not sure if I buy any of it but it said I’d have a celebration in july so I’m hoping this thing is gone by then.


That is great news! I really think as our babies get bigger, they just shove these things out of the way. My OB seems to think that the biggest prognostic factor is that the baby is growing on track. I had an appointment yesterday, and we got good news too! Baby is great (still a boy!) and the SCH was much smaller. She told me I could increase activity and not come back for 4 more weeks, which is when I’ll have my anatomy ultrasound. It seems like a long time to not check on the SCH, but ultrasounds too often seem to make me more nervous - too much information! - so I’m good with it. She said as long as I’m not bleeding or cramping, she isn’t concerned and expects it to be totally resolved at the next visit. I’ll be 20w5d then. So, I’m bound and determined to start enjoying this pregnancy more!