Hi ladies! So after a very long infertility journey I finally got my :bfp: I guess 11th time was a charm! Everything has been going good but the evening of my 7 week apt. I got out of my car and had a huge gush of blood, so much that it went through my jeans. I went to the ER and after running test and ultrasounds they found a hematoma. The baby still had a heart beat but I was still bleeding pretty heavy. They also found a mass in my left fallopian tube that they couldn’t determine. I went for a follow up with my RE the next morning and baby didn’t seem bothered by the bleeding its little heart was still ticking away. But 1 doc thought my blockage was a ectopic and the other doesn’t. They were even considering sending me for emergency surgery, but my main RE chose against it. I can feel what ever it is in my left tube. It doesn’t hurt but its an uncomfortable strange feeling. Anyway, has anyone heard of or had a hematoma while pregnant? I go back tomorrow to get checked again. The bleeding is just now tapering off since Tuesday 4/9 but I am terrified the baby wont be doing well. Any thoughts?


I had one develop with my first IUI. But mine came late in the pregnancy around 12 weeks. Our didn’t end well, im sad to say. But i have seen ladies get them early on and be completely fine. My OB said it depends on where the SCH is placed. :cross: :cross:


Hi loveababy,

I’m so glad I came to post because I don’t want you to freak out with cases like missingmy#2 (sorry hun, to hear yours didn’t end well). Went I went to the ER with mine the stupid ER Dr said I would misscariage base on %. Ha, thank God here we are 16 weeks later!!

I can’t say about your left mass BUT hematomas are very common during pregnancy. I developed mine around 8 weeks and it went away until 13-14 week. I bled until 12 weeks red blood and the rest browinish red. My twin boys through all this were fine, they had reg heart beats.

I know it can be quite scary BUT in most cases the SCH gets reabsorbed into the body. Even though my RE said I didn’t have to do “bed rest” my primary Dr suggested it (based on personal experience) and it work wonders. I did as much bed rest as I could.

Try NOT to stress everytime you see blood (I know its hard) but don’t want to stress your baby. Stay positive and you’ll see everything will be OK! In a few weeks you’ll be answering someone else and telling them your experience (like I’m). There is a thread here regarding SCH’s a lot of us have gone through it.

Good luck in your journey!!