second IVF not going well?


I am a regular lurker on this board. I am currently in the middle of my second IVF cycle. My first cycle was in June… I had retrieval for this second cycle yesterday and I am just very down today. 1st cycle, back in June, we had 15 retrieved, 9 mature, 8 fert., 2 transferred, none made it to freeze, result :bfn: .
Yesterday’s retrieval did not go well. First, the anestesiologist apparently stunk, because I was NOT out when the procedure started and lets just say I felt pain at the start. Only 5 retrieved. I was devistated. I thought, all that and only 5! What the hell! Today, I got the fert. results and found out that we only have 2 fertilized embreos. I am just feeling very hopeless. So, I guess what I am looking for is any success stories with low numbers like these? I could really use some stories to give me some hope. I am just thinking that we have so little chance of even making it to transfer. I took two weeks off work to give this every chance of working. I worked very hard the last few months on my diet. I’ve done acupunture. I just feel like I have done everything I can think of.


[B]Shelby: [/B]Your story sounds all too familiar. You can read my signature below for all of my stats. I can’t offer you a success story but I can share with you the words of wisdom that I learned from the therapist I see at my fertility clinic:

  1. You have done everything right. There is nothing more you could have done. At this point, the embryos will or will not lead to a viable pregnancy. There is nothing you can do in the next 2 weeks to affect the outcome except remain stress free.

  2. Do not let infertility define you and your life. Find hobbies you enjoy. (I started a cooking blog, for example.)

  3. Keep busy and fill your day with work, activities, friends and family. Try, try, try not to obsess.

  4. One day, if you so wish, you will become a mother. It might not be the road or path you grew up dreaming about but if you want to be a mother, you will be.

Best wishes to you!


I had four fertilize normally during my first ivf and transferred three. My little man just turned one last week! I also had a retrieval yesterday and got my report today. I only have three this time and while I’m a little concerned, I know it only takes one. I know the fine line between staying positive and getting your hopes up, but I do believe that our mental state plays a role. Good luck and hopefully we’ll share a due date! :slight_smile:


My story is very similar to yours other then being awake during retrevial. Only had five eggs and only three fertilized. Transferred all three and got a bfp 6dpt and officially 10dp3dt. I also did acupuncture and after transfer ate pineapple and core for five days after transfer. My dr said he sees women have 15 follicles but their egg quality isn’t great. He told us we were fortunate since my eggs were good quality. I know it’s hard but ut does work with only a few good eggs. Oh and my fet we only transferred one and my son is one years old!!


I have a friend who had 11 follies in her recent cycle. Only 5 were mature. Three fertilized. Two tested normal in PGD, and they transferred those two at day 5, figuring that was all they had and things were not looking good so far. They are now expecting twins.


Thanks Everyone!!! You all knew exactly what I needed to hear. I knew I needed to come here for a shot of hope. Hopfully I will have to good embryos tomorrow for a successful day 3 transfer. :pray:
And Congradulations to all of you with success stories. I am determined to be there one day. I have already decided that if this does not work, our next step is changing RE’s. We are only about a little over an hour from Shady Grove in Annopolis. I think if this does not work, we are going to contact them.


Don’t give up! Quality over quantity every time. Sometimes the more eggs you get, the less quality anyways. So let’s hope they are of good quality. In the end, this is a crap shoot, and let’s hope these are the ones. I only had 2 embies last cycle, and I did get pregnant (but unfortunately had an ectopic which has nothing to do with egg quality.) So, it can happen!


I have a friend who had 5 retrieved and only 2 fertilized using sperm retrieved during a (failed) vasectomy reversal. They transferred both on a 3dt and she is now 17 weeks pregnant and is due a week after her 42nd birthday.

Don’t give up hope! Good luck!


Hi there,

Just wanted to share my story in the hopes it gives you more hope. I had 15 follicals and we only retrieved 4 eggs, of those 4 only 2 made it. We implanted both and are due with twins in April. It can happen, it only takes one. Keep your head high and keep the faith!


We had a day 3 transfer yesterday. One of the two survived. But the RE said it was one “perfect” embryo. He said the same all of you have said, quality over quantity and he said that this one embryo looked very good. Pregnancy test on 11/17. :cross:


:bfp: !!! Today Beta 155.




Awsome! Congratulations!!!


YAY! So glad you are another success story to add to the list!


So glad you are proving that it only takes one!