Second Menstrual Cycle after failed IVF


Hi everyone! I have a couple of questions… I had a :bfn: on November 16, but I actually started my period on the 13th, after my first fresh cycle. The period was a little heavier than usual but lasted the same amount of days as usual. I would expect my next one to start this weekend-ish, or at least sometime by next Monday the 13th, which would be over the 28-30 day span my cycles always run. As of now, I know for a fact I have not ovulated (I have been taking my basal temp each morning and used this method for my two pregnancies, so I’m very familiar with my body’s temps before and after ovulation). I have no physical feelings that ovulation is happening, either. I am also VERY bloated, like worse than PMS and looking 3 months pregnant!!

Is this normal after an IVF cycle? I’m a little concerned since I’m usually like clockwork and we want to do a FET in January, so having my next period would be helpful so I could plan when the FET will be in January based on my cycle.

Thanks for any help you can give, ladies!! Good luck to those cycling now.


Sometimes after IVF your cycle will be a little wacky because of all the meds that they have you on. My RE always made me wait 2 full cycles between treatments for my body to regulate itself. Good Luck!:babydust: :babydust: