Second Round Clomid Success & Suggestions?


Hey All Clomid Buddies…

So I did my first round of 50mg of Clomid Feb. 28th (CD3-7) and ovulated on CD21 - 14 days after my last pill. Does this seem late to anyone else… a lot of people say it happens within 5-12 days… but I don’t know if 14 days is too late? My total cycle length for this cycle was 35 days.

I had my blood drawn on CD24 for progesterone and that came back with a level of 28.2 - so they were happy with that, saying I indeed did ovulate - so there was no need to bump me up to 100mg.

Then the TTW came and AF showed up after a luteal phase of 13-14 days so BFN for my first round of Clomid.

I am now CD2 and due to start Clomid again tomorrow and hope for the best. Looking for success stories for second round and what everyone’s Progesterone level was at at time of testing… I was really hoping and expecting a BFP after the first round and when that didn’t happen I was really depressed about it.

Also ‘aids’ we used along with Clomid
-Metformin 1500mg/day (I am thin however so I don’t exactly know why I am on this - but it can’t hurt from what I understand)
-Pre-Seed everytime we BDed
-Robitussin to thin CM
-We BDed everyday for 4 days surrounding O day

For this cycle I am going to continue the above but also try the soft cups. Any other suggestions for what we can do to maximize our chances?



Calgary: I got my :bfp: on my six round of Clomid. I totally understand how frustrated you feel. I cried every time I got a :bfn:. After a while I was actually expecting :bfn: ( maybe a self preservation) so when I got :bfp: I was in shock! On my last round I did add preseed ( sperm friendly lubricant) since Clomid was making me so dry. And I think the combination did the job for us.

My cycle got extended with Clomid. I was always a 30 days kind of girl but with Clomid I would range from 31 to 35 days. So pretty normal what you just mentioned.

And you can see my progesterone levels on my signature. Yours is very good:). Don’t loose faith. It will happen.


Hello TTCin Calgary!
I am also in Calgary and just started my first round of Clomid. Sending you lots of positive vibes! :cross: