Second round of IVF starting in October


I will be doing my second round of IVF starting in October, but our Transfer will be in Nov. Our first IVF resulted in an ectopic pregnancy then we just did a FET where we transfered our two frozen embies:bfn:. I may be taking part in a study that involves endometrial biopsy which may help improve implantation issues. This is our last covered IVF so I am pulling out all the stops will be starting accupuncture and fertility yoga in spetember.



Hi Nikki,
First of all let me tell you I am so sorry you had to go through an ectopic…I have had two and they were so awful. I had to have both of my tubes removed. Hopefully you are recovering emotionally and physically. We just did an IVF cycle in August and was able to get 30 eggs…and then I got OHSS so they had to freeze my embryos (8 made it) and we will be doing a FET in late October. I am so glad you started this thread, the support on this forum is amazing! Here is hoping and :pray::pray::pray: that this is our time!!


My husband and I are doin’ the October cycle at Walter Reed in Maryland. My husband’s in the Air Force and we’re currently stationed here at Aviano, Italy. This will be our first IVF. :cross: I was previously married for 7 years and him and I tried two rounds of IUI with Clomid and injections. And btw, my ex-husband has a baby with his wife now…so I’m definitely the problem. My husband and I have been tryin’ for 3 years. And my ex and I tried 5 years…so a total of 8 whopping years of tryin’ to have a baby. And I’m 32, btw. My husband’s goin’ to be 30 in September.

Where are y’all getting yall’s IVF done??


Hey Niki - I may be jumping over to this thread with you. My beta’s have stopped doubling. They went from 81-150-306-384 (lab reran the same sample and came back with 484) and then 386 yesterday. Something is going on. REs office is thinking maybe one of the twins passed away, but even for a singleton my beta should have been much higher. I have to repeat my beta on Tuesday to get a definitive answer but things are not looking good. Last time it took two months to get my FSH down using the DHEA so we will be looking at a November fresh cycle again. :grr:


Hi Ladies, excited and nervous to join you. This will be my first IVF cycle in November and we are purposefully doing an all-freeze protocol. We won’t do our FET until next March or April because I’ve already committed to being maid of honor in my best friends’ wedding next August. It’s tough to wait so long, but the positive is that I should have enough time to do a second round of stims to get more eggs if I need to, and I should also have time to recover in case of OHSS.

I haven’t had a period since June (No, I’m not pregnant, not having periods (amenorrhea) is part of my PCOS and infertility problems), but doc is getting my blood tested tomorrow just to be sure. From there I’ll start Provera to bring on a period and go on BCP until getting started this November.

What kind of BCP were all of you on in previous cycles (if you’ve had previous cycles)? And how long did you take pills before starting cycles- I mean, was there a lag between getting off BCP before you started injectibles?

Baby Dust to us all!!


I started BCP yesterday…and our Orientation isn’t til October 15th at Walter Reed. I think that’s when they’re gonna want me to stop takin’ em. I was told that they get you to take em for at least 3 weeks before the IVF cycle and no longer than 6 weeks.

Are you takin’ anything for the PCOS?? My doctor put me on Metformin “just in case”…due to one of my labs for the PCOS workup bein’ low.