Seeing a Heartbeat by Ultrasound: Like clockwork?


So tomorrow my wife and I go in for her 6 week ultrasound. It’ll be week 6 day 5, actually, and of course we’re extremely nervous. I’ve read that you can detect a heartbeat on ultrasound at 6 weeks, but is it always exactly around 6 weeks or can it be later? I guess I’m wondering because I don’t want my wife to be too worried if we go in and don’t see a heartbeat yet. Anyone have any experience in this regard?


Don’t think about it too much it will only worry you. I went for my first and no heartbeat and it worried me so much. My Re just basically said it can either way from here but worried my mind. By 6weeks 6 days I still didn’t have a heartbeat and things went south for me. But please relax guys and just prepare in case you don’t see one it doesn’t always mean bad news. Praying for you can’t wait to hear your update!


Thank you MicFree. You were on the August/September boards, weren’t you? I was reading it when things did go south for you, but I was having trouble posting on the forums. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out :frowning: But gosh, you sure did get a lot of eggs. Your odds are very good for the future. Unfortunately, I’m worried that this will be our final attempt (not by choice), and that’s why I feel that so much is at stake. Our cycle was really quite dismal. Only 3 eggs after sticking my wife with the maximum amount of meds, so I’m not sure we’ll be getting anything from another cycle a year or so from now if this one doesn’t work. We ended up with a 4BB blast for this cycle. She’ll be 6 weeks 5 days tomorrow but I just have this terrible, stalking feeling. Like our old, sad reality never really changed. Like it hasn’t changed because it [I]won’t [/I]change. I’ve always made fun of superstitious people, but boy do I feel that way now. Well, I guess we’ll have part of an answer tomorrow.


We froze 4 put two in. So six out of 18. I just fear now that my egg quality is poor. I responded we’ll to the meds didn’t use but 3 Menepours and 1 300iu cartridge this cycle. I’ve been thinking and relaxing since all has happened to me and may look into adoption first. The emotional roller coaster is so much on my husband and I. We may try FET after checking other options its just so hard … Sure hoping its all goodnews tomm for you…


by 6w5d there should definitely be a HB. At 6 weeks it could be a tiny bit early, but usually it is there. Good luck!


Demian: I have been following your roller coaster. I pray very much that you have that little heart beat on that monitor. Please keep us posted.


I’m worried about this, too. My wife has her first ultrasound one week from today - at 6w3d. I’m hoping so much that everything will turn out well and we see a heartbeat. I guess it’s always so hard to tell how well things are going until you see that.

Let us know what happened today! I’m curious to know what you saw/heard.


Goodluck on the scan!!

I had my first scan at 6 weeks and we saw sacs. The equipment sucked so we couldn’t see anything else. I had another scan at 7 weeks and we saw 2 beautiful heartbeats.


Well, we went for the ultrasound today and the heartbeat was there. We even got to hear it, which I wasn’t expecting! What a tremendous relief. I feel like we can finally (and safely) imagine the future. The blastocyst apparently implanted two days later than expected, but otherwise everything looks really good. My wife is still technically a high risk pregnancy, since all of the bleeding she had last week.

I talked to our RE for a bit about heartbeats at 6 weeks and, from what he said, the heartbeat is pretty tightly tied to that 6 week mark, give or take a few days. Thank you everyone for the support!


Micfree, I know what you mean by the emotional toll. Having the money for IVF really is just a small cost. But to already have some perfectly good frozen embryos ready to go… it would be a shame to not use them, since much of the “hard stuff” is out of the way. I was under the impression that six blasts out of 18 eggs is average for a 30 year old woman, from my understanding (usually 1/3rd make it). Adoption can be a considerable challenge as well, not to mention 3-4 times more expensive than an FET (that’s how much it costs at our clinic, but of course we could have only dreamed of doing something like an FET).

I hope the best for you, and I’ll be watching your progress.


Oh what a relief :)… So so happy !!! Please keep us posted on how you guys are doing !!!


Wonderfull!! Congratulations! Wishing you (and DW, of course) a happy and healthy pregnancy and perfect baby.




Congrats! Keep us posted!


You so much deserve it! If you don’t mind me asking, how many blastocysts did you transfer and what was the first beta? I wish her an easy rest of the pregnancy :slight_smile:


Thanks again for all of the well-wishes! Cosmopolitan, we retrieved 3 eggs and ended up with one 4BB blastocyst. Yeah, things looked pretty bleak at egg retrieval, given that only 1 egg looked decent. I guess it just goes to show you that it only takes one! The irony, I suppose, was that I was always stressing to people that were new at IVF that its important to get as many eggs as possible.


Glad to hear that things went well Demian and you were able to hear the heartbeat. I went in for my first ultrasound today at 5w6d and we saw a tiny flicker of a heartbeat (but I had to be extra still and she had to hold the wand very still). I suppose at 5w6d we’re pretty close to the 6 week mark but I wasn’t expecting to see it until the appointment next week. It is such a relief to see it. Hope the rest of her pregnancy goes well!


So happy for you and your DW Demian…you are always so supportive of everyone! Just remember too that each cycle is different. My second I had 3 retrieved and only 2 fert and ended up with a 3dt. 6 weeks later I got 14 and had 7 fert (only 9 were mature) and I was on the max amount of meds too…there is no reason to believe if you want to add a sibling in a year or so you could have the option! Congrats though for now, I know you have had quite the ride as most of us had!


JennaJack, that’s a really good observation and is quite encouraging. We definitely want a bigger family, and if adoption were a simple matter we’d just adopt the rest, but unfortunately, it isn’t so simple :frowning: Thanks again for your perspective!


You disappeared from our group. I was hoping things worked out for you. So so happy to hear your good news!!! Come visit on the due date busies board when you are ready. We are April, but we would love to see you on there too.