Seeking advice or answers (HELP)


I had IUI done on 12/30 @ 11:00 a.m and felt some pressure and cramping after the procedure. Since then I am also feeling cramping intermittently with some pain in my back on the left side. Also feel pressure and slight pain with BD’ing. If my memory serves me correctly I had a 21mm follicle on the left side when the U/S was done last Wednesday prior to taking the Ovidrel shots to trigger O. Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this with IUI? :pray:


I’d say you’re fine. Try not to worry!


Thank you I certainly hope so but I am totally miserable. It hurts worse when sitting as opposed to standing. Leads me to wonder if I have a kidney or bladder infection since I have also been going to the rest room more than normal.


That’s possible. Go to the doc…they can do a quick test to see if you do. In the meantime…drink some cranberry juice and take some Tylenol…and stop BDing if it hurts until you find out what’s going on.


I think I am going to put in a call to RE and see what he says. I will also try to stay away from DH since he can’t seem to keep his hands off me lately lol. Thanks for advice.


I had this same pain last month on my right side…the side I O’d from. After O, there’s still a lot going on with the corpus luteum supplying progesterone to support a potential pregnancy. I had it from 3dpIUI until my period started. I often will have weird cramps around the time that progesterone peaks (around 7 dpIUI) and I chalk those up to corpus luteum and my body’s natural progesterone because I’ve had them with my BFP cycle and non-BFP cycles.


My first IUI was terribly painful. Not only was the procedure painful, but I had the worst camping and bloating until 8dpo or so. I’m not one to call in sick to work, but I had to leave at 10am one morning, and I couldn’t return for two more days. It was terrible, and I wondered if something else was going on.

8dpo I started to feel better, and all better by 10dpo.

After the first cycle, I had fewer symptoms. Best of luck!