Semen Analysis~HELP!


OB said results were normal and no concerns. Just received a copy as we are sending it off to RE and waiting to hear what he has to say. In the meantime, wondering if anyone could clue me in to what all of this means! Thanks!

Volume 1.25 mL - abnormal
Viscosity - normal
pH 7.6

Concentration 144.5
Overall Motility 68.1 %
Progressive Motility 3
Total Sperm Count 180.6

Accuracy Q.C.:
Count 1:
Motile 99
Non motile 45
Total 144
Motility 68.7

Morphology: (all in abnormal column)
Normal Spermatozoa 6%
" " w/ head defects 82
" " midpiece defects 9
" " with tail defects 3


I am anxious to hear what all this means too. My DH is dropping off for a SA Friday


Same here! If I start this week my hubby goes in on Monday for SA. I have no idea why the results mean…


My re had my husband give 2 samples… 2 weeks apart before we started treatment.