September 2013 Due Date Buddies


So close to the end of the first trimester and no September due date group, hope I’m no the only one. DH and I started our journey in 2009 with IVF, our first son was born in March 2010. Our IF is male factor, asospermia and poor morphology, untreatable, incurable, with IVF with ICSI being our only option. We were told “less then 1% chance of conceiving naturally” but decided to keep trying anyway and were blessed with a surprise pregnancy in May 2011, our second son was born on Valentine’s day 2012. We knew we had been blessed and beaten the odds but we also “knew” it would most likely never happen again so we took no measures of preventing another pregnancy (preventing was never an option after dealing with IF). But, in late February we got a :bfp:, a shock more then a surprise this time but a blessing nonetheless. I hope my natural pregnancies don’t keep me from being accepted in this group because I truly do know the pain of IF, the gut wrenching thought of it possibly never happening, and the fear of AF showing up month after month while TTC. I have four frosties that each hold a piece of my heart and will hopefully join our or another IF family one day. So, I do hope I am not the only one due in September, although with the conception time so close to the holidays I might just be.


Lucy, i am actually on the aug thread. My due date is aug 21st. But honestly, my story is so similar to yours, I can really really relate! Furthermore, I know you would be welcome on the August thread, but if you stay here, I promise to keep checking in on you :slight_smile:

My sorry is this. After lots of IVF we finally have four kids including one set of twins, who are now three. Then surprise last nov I got a bfp. It was crazy. The surprise of a lifetime. You probably relate. I was very sick for a long time, and now at nearly 17 weeks I am starting to feel mostly pretty good. We think the baby is a girl, and are super excited to add her to our little family.

Anyway, congratulations to you and your family, and I hope that you find some September due date buddies. :slight_smile:

I will circle back to see how you’re doing :slight_smile:


Lucy, it seems like the September folks haven’t migrated here, but are instead hanging out in this thread:

Wishing you all the best!


I second Sweetpea that you’re more than welcome in the August DD Group…I would love to have you as a DD Buddy again :slight_smile:


I just might since I didn’t get much of a response in the October group…although I think there was a lot going on and my post was overlooked. I am late spet, the 27th, won’t that be weird? Either way, I’d rather be there then here all by myself, lol.



Not sure if you saw, but I responded with a big :welcome:! There have been a lot of ups and downs and multiple, multiples in the October DD group. There are few singletons over there but I’d (we’d) love to have you! I’m due Oct 3 or 6th thanks to the little one being behind and then shooting ahead. We’re about a week apart. How are you feeling? I’m ahead of most of the ladies and like I said one of the few singletons.


I have joined the ladies in the October Due date group but if any September due dates come up I’d still love to continue this thread :slight_smile: