September 2013 IVF


I know it’s a little early to start this, but September will be here before we know it. I have had several delays and feel I needed to start this to stay connected. Anyone else cycling in September? I will start BCP the middle of August and stims the middle of Sept with ER/ET at the end of the month. :pray: that this month ends in lots of BFP


hopefully me!
I am pre approved to start in an IVF study. I had to wait until my August cycle to do day 3 labs and other tests…hopefully everything comes back normal and I start bcp. I’m thinking I will have ER in the later part of September.


I was wondering when someone would start this thread! My wife will start stimming in early August. We’ll know “what’s up” by September. I suppose I should stop slacking and make a tag already… anyone know how to do that?? :slight_smile:


I am waiting for AF so I can start on BCP. Will do 2 cycles of BCP looking at ER&ET in late September.


:welcome: Cammie and Nana2012. So glad to have others to share with that understand. This whole IF journey can be very stressful

Demian-I know there is a July/August thread already started with some great girls in it. Hey are all really supportive. You might want to check it out.


I’m September IVF too! Our first time. I am already on the BCP because I had a cyst and am staying on it. I start Lupron on Aug. 26, stims on Sept. 7th and egg retrieval tentatively scheduled for Sept. 18. Glad to have people to cycle with :slight_smile:


:welcome: squishyjones and congrats on already having a tentative schedule. This will be my 1st IVF as well. It will be here before we know it!!!


This will be my 4th IVF cycle. My last one was in 2009. I’m a little nervous as this cycle is going to be out of state.


First timer

I am new to ivf and new to the thread!

I am planning on starting the bcp at the start of my next cycle this month. Then Buserelin injections at the end of August.

I will be monitored here at my home clinic for the first week after start of injections, but going to Barbados Fertility Clinic for retrieval and transfer in middle of September.

Really excited and nervous all at the same time.

It’s nice to be part of a group of people all going through the same thing!


:welcome:Spot. This is my first IVF as well and I am nervous!

I leave Friday for a very much needed week vacation. :af: should show sometime next week and that will be the last cycle before starting BCP. This is all getting very REAL


Nice to meet you, waitingwanting#2!

Have a great and relaxing vacation! What a wonderful way to kick off the months to come!

Cammie, will you be staying somewhere for a week or so to complete ER and ET?


Hey guys! I will be starting my first ivf cycle with an ER in late sept. we assumed we would need ivf due to morphology issues, however after an HSG we discovered both of my tubes were blocked. Now we REALLY need it. I’m having both tubes removed Aug 1st and then starting bc pills late Aug when cycle starts. I’m thinking of starting acupuncture after hearing so much about it on these forums. My husband thinks its a crap shoot, but I’ll try anything at this point. I think if you believe it will help then it will… Whatever keeps my nerves in check. Anything else you guys are doing to prep?

Waitingwanting#2- enjoy vaca! We are looking into a wend getaway too. I think relaxing and keeping our minds on more than just this will be key!


Hello everyone!! I am following and still occasionally posting on the July/August board…we were all set for an August cycle until my trial transfer showed a uterine septum which I had surgically repaired last Thurs…so RE has pushed us back to a Sept cycle in order to allow for some healing time…I’m glad that is thread has been started and I look forward to experiencing this journey with all of you :grouphug:

I am scheduled to start Stimming Sept 1st with a target ER date of Sept 13th…Best Wishes to ALL of us!! May this month bring LOTS of :bfp: s

In order to prepare I’ve just been watching what I eat, walking a few miles as often as I can in a week, prenatals with DHA, baby aspirin, metformin for the PCOS, and BCPs…I try not to stess and stay as calm and relaxed as possible, which isn’t always easy with this lovely roller coaster that is IF :cheer: :babydust: :cheer:


:welcome:Kwoodro126 and Jessielee782

So glad that this board is growing. I am going to need all the support and encouragement I can get. I have done accuptuncture a couple of times and found it relaxing. I will definitely do it the day of transfer and day after. I don’t know if it will help either, but like you said, I am willing to give anything a shot at this point!


[quote=Spot]Nice to meet you, waitingwanting#2!

Have a great and relaxing vacation! What a wonderful way to kick off the months to come!

Cammie, will you be staying somewhere for a week or so to complete ER and ET?[/quote]

I think I will have to stay about 2 weeks from the time I start stims to a couple of days after transfer.
It is going to be a lot of traveling thats for sure. The clinic is 12 hours from my home.


September can’t come fast enough…

Hi! New to this board but at this for awhile. Planning a late August stims, early September ER and hopefully good news mid month!

Already going nuts so trying to get ahead of the stress with accupuncture, yoga, and this! After the last year I’m hoping this is finally our time!

:babydust: :babydust: :babydust:


I am hoping to join you. I will be doing a transfer in late September. We have 4 eggs from our first IVF, and 2 frozen 5-day blastocysts from our second IVF. We are going to fertilize the eggs this cycle, and we are hoping to transfer 2 from either the eggs, frozen blasts, or a combo of both.


:welcome: Emptypom and Blessed_Again.

I agree that Sept can’t get here fast enough, but I have plenty to keep me busy between now and then


Hey ladies! It’s good to see all the new people joining! I have a question… Did the HSG mess up anyone’s cycle?? I am now almost a week late. It seems that, despite both my tubes being blocked and my husbands morphology issues, every month I torture myself with this little feeling that I’m prego. So I go buy more FRER tests (should have invested stock in these suckers) and feel destroyed when of course I see its STILL neg. So now that ive ruled that out, I’m guessing the test altered my cycle. Anyone else experience anything similar?
I go in next week to have both tubes removed, I’m hoping I don’t traumatize my body and cycle too much before ivf starts!


Sept cycle as well…

We will start day 1 of my sept cycle. I’m thinking sept 23ish…nice to meet you all!