September 2ww


Hi! I am planning to take Clomid this cycle, hoping to finally ovulate around September 1st, and was wondering if there were any cycle buddies out there? There’s nothing like sharing the 2ww craziness with friends who understand…


I should be on CD 16 on September 1st. That’s pretty close to you I think. This is my second round of clomid, I just took the first pill last night. This past 2ww was hell at the end. Going to try and be even more positive this time, it helped.


Yet another test post.


Yay! So glad to have a cycle buddy! Welcome!


Hey! I was hoping a September 2WW would open up soon! I’m on day three of Letrozol and will start my injectables on Thursday. My IUI will be August 30th or 31st (most likely) so I’ll be in September on my 2WW with you! September 1st will be CD17 for me.


Welcome! That sounds so exciting!


So glad that the signatures are visible now! Can you describe your crazy short first-cycle with Clomid? (This is my first cycle with Clomid since 2000, so I’m nervous…)


Lol! Love that motto!


Agreed on the siggys! So much better! Ok, so, here’s what happened. First, I ovulate on my own, supposedly, but my periods are short and pretty close together (25 days) so we’re hoping clomid helps. My RE usually starts people on 50 mg days 3-7, but I went in on cycle day 4 (ultrasound should everything was good to go), so I took the pill on days 4-8. On CD9 I started taking OPKs, they were immediately positive and stayed positive until CD 15 when the second line finally started to fade. I was convinced I ovulated on CD 12. Convinced! Ha. Much BDing, should’ve been covered no matter what. Then on CD 21 I started spotting. Fell into the whole “maybe its implantation bleeding” trap… Then I spotted red on CD 22 and on CD23 I had light period stuff (and a yeast infection! GRR!). So here’s my theory. I had been counting from the first “real flow day” but I’ve started spotting oddly (this never used to be hard)… so now I count my cycles when I start spotting red. So I restarted my cycle on CD22, because I had red blood of some kind. If I go back into my chart and recount my last cycle with the same criteria than it doesn’t look quite so short (24 days instead of 22). So,… my theory is I took the pills on the wrong days. I’m paying more attention this time. :smiley:


I assume you mean from my signature :slight_smile: I can’t see anyone’s signatures when I sign in :frowning: That pen thing disappears.


Wow! Thanks for the extra details! It helps me to plan better for this cycle. I usually start OPK around CD11, but now I think I’ll start earlier. CD 9 will probably be good, since I’m taking Clomid CD5 - 9 (poor quality eggs). I also have a short luteal phase–I was hoping the Clomid would help with that: follies that O make progesterone; ones that don’t do not… Just think of all the expert knowledge we’ll have attained once we get through all this! :slight_smile:


Grrrr… I hope the siggies come up for you, now. They are so important in IF stuff…


How is everyone doing? I did a little Internet searching, because I remembered the doc saying something about Clomid and hostile mucus. So, after some searching and thinking, I went and bought some robitussen (store brand with only guaifenesin usp active ingredient), and some Pre-seed TTC lubricant. (Sorry if TMI.) Wondering if anyone else had thoughts about Clomid and CM? Kika–thinking about your IUI: no CM issues can bother that! And it’s coming up so soon! End of this week! :praying: Verduranti–my doc thought I might 0 on CD 14, September 1st. We were kindof thinking of Clomid as a magic “reset” button that might get me back to normal (ha ha! Good luck with that!), but as I read more, I’m wondering if I might go later, at least this first Clomid cycle… Are you doing anything special about Cervical Fluid issues with Clomid?


*sorry, Kika. I meant praying, rather than “tongue-out-raying”. Still trying to figure out how to work the changes, here. Btw–I think you have to turn the siggies on in order to see them. I think I clicked on the pen icon, and that led me…


No LH surge yet :grrr: How are things going with you ladies?


I’ve been hanging out more on the babycenter forums lately - but how did your tww go adoette?


Hi! Thanks for asking! I did finally get an LH surge–at CD22! So, I think this cycle is probably lost b/c lining doesn’t work well after 21 days, and I likely didn’t O until CD 23–but I’m still a little hopeful. I’m 9 dpo today, and had a negative test this morning. Trying to keep my head up. :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Verduranti;n2606557]I’ve been hanging out more on the babycenter forums lately - but how did your tww go adoette?[/QUOTE]

oh that would explain why a drop in activity maybe lots are going elsewhere