September IUI and 2WW


Hey everyone, I didn’t see a thread for this, I accidentally wrote in the IVF one a while back. (I’m still getting used to the new forum) Anyway, I thought I would start.
It looks like I’m leading up to a September 1st IUI, so I will be starting the month off in my 2WW and wanted some company.

This has been my best response to Letrozol and Gonal F. I have four follicles on the left, and two on the right (NEVER have I had this many) I’m a little scared my RE will cancel the IUI…she is very cautious of multiples.
I’ll know more soon.


Hi Everyone. I will be doing my second IUI towards the end of September or early October depending on the response from Purgeron. This is my second after suffering a miscarriage in July after my first IUI. I’m hopeful to get lucky again!


Hi kika and ginger. I am rather new to the site. I joined right before my first iui in April, then took three months off when it didn’t work. I am back and going at attempt my second iui this week. I go in the morning for ultrasound and blood work. I am guessing the procedure will be done Friday. kika I’ll be doing the 2ww with you! I have four follicles this time so I’m praying for luck!! Good luck to both of you!!


Hi everyone! I’ll be joining as well. I’m on CD6 and my 4th day of gonal f. Went in for US and BW this morning and RE is bumping me up to 187.5 for two days and then back again for monitoring.

Good luck to you all!

kika - i’m sorry that you are back again for another round but it’s good to see a familiar “face”. thanks for getting this started. I’ve been trying to start a Sept thread ever since I got the go ahead to stim this cycle but I’m still having issues with this new site. My stupid laptop died on me and I can’t even log on with my tablet or my kindle so I can only get on when I’m at work…ssshhhh, don’t tell my boss, lol. Best of luck to you this month!


Hey Fingers, I was thinking the same thing! It was bitter sweet to see your comment. I come on here at work too! I figure this site is good for my mental health, so they shouldn’t complain :slight_smile:


Hi Jenni, welcome to the site. I’m pretty new to it too, I started last month and I found this thread really helped me get through the wait. Have you have your IUI yet? Looks like I’m going either tomorrow or Saturday. I have to wait for my results from this mornings BW and US to confirm.


Hi ladies, I haven’t been on in a while. After 3 failed IUI’s, we’re moving on to IVF with ICSI. RE thought it’d be unlikely that we conceive with IUI or naturally so we’re moving on. We’ll begin in late Septemeber and go into October. Good luck everyone!


Alright, so I am down to two on the left, both measuring just over 2.0…HcG is tonight at 10 p.m. and my IUI is scheduled for Sunday morning!
And then…the 2WW starts…


I decided to join you ladies, since the majority of the TWW will be in September. I had my 3rd IUI today. Here’s praying that third time is the charm (and that it sticks around). Once again, it hurt so flipping bad, I had to have a para-cervical block done because they needed to use a clamp and dilate my cervix. I told my husband I’m done with the IUIs if this one doesn’t work, and he politely reminded me that I said that after the second one. On a completely side note, is anyone else having difficulties updating their signature? Everytime I do, it says that something is too big. Any suggestions?

Kika and FingersCrossed77, glad to see you ladies in here (except I wish it was under better circumstances)!

And welcome to the other ladies!


Hi Allairious! Good to see too. Three follies is excellent. Did you get a good count post wash? Fingers crossed that you’ll get ur BFP!


So sorry the IUIs didn’t work out for you. Best of luck with IVF.


Hi ladies - please can I join you? Bit of history - ttc # 2 this time round. My DS is 16 months old now and was conceived on our 4th IUI with Clomid. This will be my 1st IUI for ttc#2 and starting with a natural one as RE bit worried about multiples if I use meds as I had pre-eclampsia with DS. Got mixed feelings about a natural IUI as none worked before but we will see. Currently CD 7, had baseline on Wed and all was fine. Got next scan on Wed (CD11) so praying for a dominent follie. Suspect IUI will be week after. Good luck to everyone - fingers crossed we see plenty of BFP’s on this board xx


Baby dust to you !!! I did my first IUI on 28th aug …and believe it or not… i felt IUI was a procedure from hell… It was so painful and i was all cramped up for good 30 mins… I am still getting cramps on and off now… but i dont really know what to do… My doc didnt ask me to come after 2 weeks!!! she just asked me to come after a month straight away… Am really nervous !!!


Kika, I don’t know what happened to my comment from yesterday. it’s not showing up so I hope this doesn’t end up posting twice. I just wanted to say good luck with your IUI tomorrow and that I really hope this is the one for you. It’s your turn! I’ve got fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you.


Hi NJ123! I think I remember you from back when I was trying to conceive DS in 2011. He’s now 18 months old. Congratulations on your DS! That’s too bad about the Pre-E. I was on bed rest my last two weeks because my blood pressure skyrocketed but no pre-e, thank God. It looks like both of your Clomid cycles only produced one follicle. Why is the doctor so concerned with multiples given your history?

I’m also on my 1st IUI trying for #2. I don’t feel very confident with this cycle either but that’s because DH’s count and motility went way down. My RE wants to do IVF but that isn’t in the cards for us right now so I pushed for this cycle. I’m hopeful but I’m aslo being realistic…I guess we’ll wait and see.

Best of luck to you!


I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow morning! Best of luck!


I had my follicle check this morning. I have a bunch! The doc said my lining looked great. on the left I have one at 12.1 and about 4 smaller ones. On the right there are 4 ranging from 11.8 to 12.8. I’m waiting for the callback but they will probably decrease my meds and bring me back tomorrow. I’m hoping we can get two to pull out in front.


Hi Ladies!

I’ll be joining you again this month for a natural cycle. Currently on cd8. Income way down for the next few months from starting a new daycare. Hoping to be full by December, but right now one of the babies that will be coming hasn’t even been born yet and another was born about 10 weeks too early and is currently in NICU. :frowning: I am looking at doing a consultation at a Natural heath center and seeing about doing a more Eastern medicine approach to this whole thing. Good Luck Everyone! Hope to see lots of :bfp:'s this month!!!


Grow follies, grow! :slight_smile:


I think I remember you too! :slight_smile: congrats on your DS too! How are you finding it? Did you have a smooth pregnancy and labour? When my RE looked back at my notes when we saw him in July it turned out I had more than 1 follicle that could of gone on my clomid cycles. If the natural doesn’t work though I will be asking for the clomid! Lol. Good luck to you too hun x