seriously? SERIOUSLY?


So apparently we are going through miscarriage number 2 right now…last one was in August. I felt so confident this time around, because I was thinking SURELY God will not be cruel enough to make us go through this again. But then I started bleeding and my hcg level dropped. My doctor has been monitoring my levels, and apparently he is concerned this may be a tubal pregnancy because my levels are not going down, and in fact are slightly rising again - if they don’t start going down by Friday I’m going to have to take some medicine to finish up the miscarriage, but apparently it would delay us trying to conceive again for atleast 3 months. Ughhhhh…

I am so irritated and saddened by this whole thing. It feels like EVERYONE I know can have a baby at the drop of a hat -why is it so hard for us?? I’ve seen the other posts by women who have had to endure 3, 4, 5, 6+ miscarriages…I really don’t think I can keep going through this.


I’m so sorry you’re going through this. As a woman with 4 losses, I can say it’s not easy, you don’t get used to it, it doesn’t get easier each time. But…I’ve survived, and you will too. I’ve kept trying, and hopefully so will you. I’ve still got hope that one day I’ll hold a newborn baby in my arms, and I hold that hope for you too.

I totally understand what you mean by " It feels like EVERYONE I know can have a baby at the drop of a hat -why is it so hard for us??" I feel the same way…in fact I have to cut my vacation short because the chick I can’t effing stand at work just had her accidental baby. Nice huh? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy she’s a healthy little nugget and I’d never wish ill on anyone…just a bit jealous its always and “oops” to someone else for the first few months.


I just found out today that I am having miscarraige #2, my hcg levels are the same today as they were tuesday so not good. The last time I got pregnant was in 2007, so I am still thankful that I actually got a positive (I was starting to think it was never going to happen again), but it sucks so much to go through this. I also hate how it is so easy for some people, A friend of mine went off birth control in June and is already in her second trimester. Go figure. I am also keeping my fingers crossed that this isn’t an ectopic pregnancy, I have an appointment tomorrow so I guess I will find out then.


A close friend of mine has had 11 miscarriages and every time I think about her, I just can’t help but imagine how much pain she’s gone through. Every time I need a little strength to keep fighting this infertility battle, I think of her… and I ask God I have even half the courage and strength she has. I guess there is a reason why women are the stronger sex.