Severe endometriosis and forced to follow IVF cycle!


Hi there, i’m new to the forum . After reading all the stories and the support given by nice ladies in the forum, I thought it would be better to share my story too as I’m devastated at the moment. I’m 28 and married for one year. i have severe endo which led to my first lap at age 21. . Endo pains were so severe that I could only laid down on the bed during my periods. Then i was on depo till I get married. I had my second lap and dye (Hysteroscopy I think) this October I thought I could use few cycles of IUI ‘s. because RE told me that blocked tubes are now clear. But now I’m again diagnosed with endo!! Just two months elapsed. Is it possible…it was during my first and last IUI he diagnosed that. He straight away scheduled me for IVF… but can I go for few more IUI;s brfore taking the big step… is it possible for me to pregnant with iui’s… any endo ladies (stage 4 actually)out there who were successful at first try of ivf? I’m devastated… I don’t know what to do. What If first cycle of IVF fails… please I need some advise desperately… :grr:


Hey Jessika,
Unfortunatly no matter what anyone tells you, nobody has the answer of whether your first will work of not. It’s lik playing the lottery and you’re just waiting for one to take.

I am also 28, have severe endo (first surgery in '03, then '05 I believe, and again in jan of '11). The surgery in jan was to “clean house” to make sure we were ready for trying to get pregnant. For me, my RE didn’t want us to do IUI because he felt it may be a waste of our time, money, and emotions since my husband also has a fertility issue. He said if we both didn’t have something going on then he’d try IUI. So we had to bypass IUI. Sadly, our story doesn’t end well. I did get pregnant though both times we tried… but for me I am having a hard time holding onto them so they’re thinking it’s either my eggs now or unexplained infertility on top of the endo.

There are people out there that get pregnant on their first IVF cycle, I am personally friends with quite a bit of those success stories… but like I said, nobody really knows the answer, and you wont know until you try. IVF really isn’t THAT bad, it’s just the unknown and all the waiting that sucks the most.

I wish you the best!!!


Thanks for your story dear. Best of luck for you this time!!:bsv:Does endo affects the quality of eggs with lapse of time? It is possible my tubal blockage reappear isn’t it? That is why may be RE direct me to IVF. What do you think? Shall I try few more iui’s or directly go to ivf? I know it is not fair to ask so many questions. But I just want to know the opinion of a person who is in the same boat. :grouphug:


I’m not a doctor but from what I understand…

  1. No, I don’t believe endo effects egg quality…

  2. Was your tubal blockage due to endo? Yes, the blockage can reappear because endo can/does grow back if not regulated with mediciine. Good thing is that you and your doctor now know that you have it so now you can be treated for it. It can’t be cured, but at least slowed down and controlled to a point.

  3. Yes, if you have a tubal blockage, that it why a RE would go for IVF

  4. IUI Vs. IVF, that’s a personal choice. I never did IUI so I can’t tell you what would be best or what would work best… sorry :frowning:

I hope this help? Have you asked these questions to your RE. You have all right to ask your RE and nurses as many questions as you’d like… that’s why we pay them so much :slight_smile:

Thanks for the sticky vibes! I’m just sitting here NOT wanting to get a phone call. A phone call from the RE today means that they didn’t survive the thaw so I pretty much didn’t sleep all night because of worrying. AHH!! But, it will all work out in the end somehow…


First, I’m sorry for your struggle. Second, I too have endo and my RE recommended that we skip IUI and move straight to IVF. I think this was the correct decision for us. IUI wasn’t going to help my tubal issues (moved from massive adhesions) and my DH doesn’t have any mobility problems.

I have very poor egg quality, but didn’t know that until I started IVF. We harvested 13 eggs, 8 were mature, and 6 were fertilized. We did a 5 day transfer. But all of my embabies were behind in development. We were devestated. The biologist decided to put the 2 best looking embryos back in. None of the others made it to freeze. We were so sad.

BUT! A miracle occured. I am pregnant with a singleton. I’m only 13 weeks along and still very nervous about miscarraige, but it DID happen for us on the first try.

I know this process is terribly difficult and stressful. If you have questions, this is the right place to come. I wish you the very best of luck and hope that your BFP comes soon!


Hi! I also have been diagnosed with endo (stage 3) and i didnt even know it until a few months ago(im 26)! My obgyn did a diagnostic lap after we had been trying to conceive for about a yr. He discovered alot of unknown scar tissue??? So off to the RE i went.

Because of blocked tubes the RE suggested i go straight to IVF. During a mock transfer he noticed a large endometrioma on my left ovary (chocolate cyst) That haulted IVF. He was worried about doing another lap and not being able to get around in there bc of the scar tissue. Well he had no problem and even cleaned up my tubes. That was in october.

We started IVF in november, we also have male issues and have just recently gotten that :bfp: .

I know what an emotional ride this is! hell i didnt even know about the endo!!! goodluck to you!!


Hi JNJ’s Journey… how are the things going with you? i’m back again and now decided to go ahead with IVF. Doing numerous blood tests and all these days… It will work out for you… I will keep you in my prayers…

In my case RE suggests for another cyst aspiration because my endometrima in ovaries has grown in to the size of tennis balls (His words). doing every thing that will contribute to IVF success! my prolactine level is high and doing a repeat test for that… RE told me entire process would take up to only 45 days… is it really… i’m ok with all the injectables since i had depo in every month for 6 years !!

Pitbullover and coffegirl1, you both made my day by delivering such reassuring stories which had my spirits up in this daunting process!


Jessika- Thank you for keeping me in your prayers! My beta is only a couple of days away (Friday). I can’t wait! I have had low first betas with each cycle so I’m hoping this one blows all the other betas out of the water :slight_smile:

As for your question about the 45 days. Are you talking about an IVF cycle? Or aspiratimg the cysts and all the tests?

If you’re talking about the IVF cycle, yes, that sounds about right. For mine I had to get AF then on the 3rd day of AF, my IVF cycle all started with
*birth control pills for 21 days
*Stop bcp and wait for AF (about 3 days)
*AF came again
*3rd day of AF had baseline blood & U/S and start stims
*On stims for about ten days(with B & U/S throughout the ten days to monitor my progress and size of the follicles where your eggs with drop into the day of retrieval)
*Trigger shot (once you get the okay from your doctor that your follicles are around a good size)
*36 hours after trigger is ER day! And you hear how many eggs you got that day. Also, that day your eggs and the sperm are put together.
*Then a couple of days later you will hear if you’re doing a 3dt or a 5dt. If you have a lot of mature eggs that fertilize they may just do a 5dt since you have many. However, if you don’t get a lot of eggs or a lot don’t fertilize they may do a 3dt to get them back in sooner. (There are other factors that your RE will take into account too)
*You have your transfer day and then the dreaded 2ww!!

So by my calculations… my fresh cycles are around 41 days (not including the 2ww). This may not be exactly how yours goes… but this has been my experience.

Once the stims start it goes by quickly for the most part…

GL with everything! It sounds like you have a good RE that is going to take really good care of you!!


Jesskia, I wanted to let you know I also have endo with diminished ovaraian reserve and poor egg quality. I have pain from endo on a daily basis and I also worry that the quality is getting worse. my doc says my poor egg quality is due to endo on my ovary although embryos have been average every round of ivf I have done. I have read about many people having success with poor embryo quality so I still try to have hope. Due to endo I do believe ivf is the best treatment, we wasted a lot of money on iui. Stay positive, I have always left every negative result behind me and look towards the future and tell myself daily that this time will be my happy story. I stay busy with hobbies and only read success if stories to help me believe it can work. Good luck and I hope you have good news soon.


Hi Jessika,

Thought I’d get onboard as well after hearing everyone else’s stories.
I have the same concerns as you, I had surgery in Oct which also found severe endo, along with a cyst and my left ovary had also attached itself to my my bowel.
They were able to remove it all and we were moved onto Chlomid and IUI. We are due for our second try next week, the first failure was hard to take.
My dr said my op had ‘bought’ us 12 months before all the endo would have grown back, I’m hesitant to keep wasting months on IUI if we should just moved onto IVF.
Everyone’s experiences is different and I just hope our dr wouldn’t waste our time on a method she doesn’t believe could be successful.
Best of luck with your decision making and your journey…nice to hear if other people experiencing the same issues…