Sex before and / or after iui


thoughts or suggestions?


Why not? The more sperm the better.
We had sex the night before and the day after the IUI, and as often as we could during ovulation week.

The only time it could be an issue is if you’re dealing with male factor. Then you might want to save your best specimen for the procedure and abstain the day before.
In any case, after the IUI, I don’t see how that could be a bad thing.


I was told by me RE to have sex two days before my IUI to ensure there is a fresh speciman, and to have sex the day of my IUI and the day after to increase the chances of conception. Hope this helps


I got the same information from my dr as well that jamievillarreal stated


The more a man “amens” before an IUI the better the sample will be. The longer they hold the more the body will feel it doesn’t need to make fresh sperm. My RE’s have told me to have as much :dance: as we can before the IUI. But stop 36 hours before IUI and we’re dealing with male factor IF. We were also told if we felt like it to :dance: after the IUI.


If DH has sperm issues have sex 3 days before IUI an then have sex after IUI… But if no issues then go for it…

AFU. My Dh has sperm issues so we had sex every other day an then on day of the IUI had that done an was told to have sex later that evening or early the next morn so we had sex very early the next morning an got pg that round…

It just depends if a man has issues…

Good Luck… :paw: