**~** shady grove anyone #2 **~**


Hello all!
Something seems to be ‘up’ with the previous thread of ‘shady grove anyone’ as lots of people can’t post, etc. I came online tonight and saw that people ARE posting to other threads, so perhaps (hopefully?!) our old thread was just too big and so there’s an issue with it. Who knows.
What I do know is this:
I am from London, Ontario Canada and I’ve been to SG and had success - I have a gorgeous baby boy. If it wasn’t for this site and this old thread, I don’t know if I would have made it through this very trying process. I have made friends for life thanks to this site and I, among others, would like to continue to support those who need it when they are considering donor egg with SG.

Hopefully this thread works and people find it so they can get the support that they need.

Keep well everyone! :grouphug:


I have tried it and the other thread seems to be working so I am going to close this to keep the posts together. If anyone is having an issue with that thread, please contact me directly via PM or email.