Shady Grove Fertility (Washington, DC) Anyone!


[I][FONT=Georgia][SIZE=4]Hello everyone!!![/SIZE][/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Georgia][SIZE=4]I was wondering if anyone in the forum was having their IVF treatment at Shady Grove. I have ready about the clinic and I have only heard really good things. I just wanted to hear of your experience with the doctors and any sucess stories.[/SIZE][/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Georgia][SIZE=4]I have an apt with my RE on Monday and I am little nervous. Im not really sure what to expect. We are started all of my prescreening in January at a local center in my home town and going to DC in March for my IVF treatment. I get butterflies everytime I talk about this. I’m just :pray: for a miracle. I read all of the success stories on here and I get excited and I know that I will get a :bfp: atleast hope so. I have changed my diet and started taking prenatal pills. I planning to starting excising more as well. [/SIZE][/FONT][/I]
[I][FONT=Georgia][SIZE=4]Just looking for a little advice someone to talk to about this whole process. [/SIZE][/FONT][/I]


I went to Shady Grove - I’m a big fan, for an obvious reason! :slight_smile:


:clap: Congrats on your blessing. If you don’t mind me asking which doctor did you see.


I saw a lot of them. My main doctor is Dr. Mottla in Annapolis. But I had an IUI by Dr. McKeeby, a saline sonogram by Dr. Kipersztok, an IUI by Dr. O’Brien, Dr. Katz did my retrieval and Dr. Esposito did my transfer.


I just saw this! I went to Shady Grove for both of our IVF’s. We got pregnant with both of them! We went to the Annapolis office and our main Dr. was Dr. McKeeby. Love them there!


i go to the annadale/rockville location, and im still waiting for my miracle… They seem like good people, so it just a matter of time for it to work for me.

Good Luck to you


Did u ladies have any unneccesary testing?


Shady Grove $ Breakdown

I’m thinking about switching clinics to Shady Grove. I’d like to get some idea of the costs they charge before going in for a full new patient appointment.

Does anyone have a breakdown of charges that they can share with me? Also, how do the “shared risk” and multi-cycle discount work?

We are IVF with ICSI, frozen sperm, assisted hatching.


I remember that ICSI and Assisted Hatching were about an additional $1,800 and $3,200 – but I can’t recall the exact figures or which figure goes with which procedure.


They do have the multi-cycle and it’s about 16K and the single cycle is about 9500. They also have special programs that you may qualify for depending on your income. I think you get like a 30-40% discount. At least that’s the program I’m looking into.


I guess everyone situation is different but their customer service sucks and I rather spend my money elsewhere