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Hi Friends,

We recently went through an unsuccessful FET which used up the last of our embryos. So now we are in a position of deciding whether to stay with our current Dr. (Penn University in Philadelphia) or work with another organization. My husband and I have heard good things about Shady Grove. They recently opened an office/lab in Chesterbrook, not far from us, and have partnered with Dr. Abraham Munabi - one of the IVF pioneers. We met with him last week and liked him. I’m curious if anyone has worked with Shady Grove and/or Dr. Munabi. Would you be willing to share your experience? This is a very big decision influenced by many factors, of which two are money and experience. We have built good relationships at Penn, but after meeting with them today they are not recommending we do anything differently. Ugh, this is such a tough decision. I would love to hear about anyone’s experience.

Thank you!


Mimi527, I sent you a private message :slight_smile:


I am one of shady grove’s current patients

I am currently going through my IVF treatment at Shady Grove right now. I just had my ET done on 04/07 at their Rockville Maryland office.
We did a lot of research before we chose Shady Grove. Their success rate seems one of the highest, and they have a unique " share risk" program that allow patients to pay a flat fee for up to 6 circles, they would return the money back if the patient doesn’t have a live baby. So far my experience with Shady Grove is a pleasant one. I will have my pregnant test tomorrow, hopefully I will get a :bfp: :pray:

I would definitely recommend Shady Grove