She never explained anything to me,


Very New To This-Need Help!Hello!

My name is Ashley and I have been married for five years this July. My husband and I have been together for nine years total. I started birth control the year we were married and took it until September of 2010 (almost four years) but was on and off with it. Usually took it a year or so, then off a few months I guess. I got off of the pill in September and did not have a period for months. Of course, I got excited thinking I was pregnant. After MULTIPLE tests, I finally went to the doctor in November. She told me she would put me on Provera to make me have a period then give me chlomid. She never explained anything to me, and I didn’t understand many options. I took the provera and had a period in December. I took 50 mg of Chlomid, and went in for a day 12 ultrasound. She told me it did not look like the follicles matured enough and I probably wouldnt ovulate. I waited a while, still no period. After waiting about 45 days, I took provera again, followed by 100 mg of chlomid. Day 12 fell on a weekend, so she just didn’t do any testing. I had a period on my own in March and I took 150 mg of Chlomid. Day 12 ultrasound showed the same thing. She didn’t seem to helpful or understanding. I chose to visit a specialist. I had to wait until June to see him, so I just decided to take a break and pray! 35 days from my last period I had one on my own. We were having intercourse every other day. 35 days later, in May I had another period. I expected to have another 35 days later, which fell around my specialist appointment. I did not have a period, so I just KNEW he would tell me I was FINALLY pregnant. However, not the case! He only told me my uterus was tipped and according to my last blood readings, he thought my Thyroid was hypoactive and I was hypoglycemic. He looked at my ovaries and said I had many small follicles. So, he said I def had PCOS. He did MANY blood tests and was going to call with results. I expected to hear it was my thyroid and blood sugar and treat that. However, he said those actually looked good, as did all my other readings EXCEPT my testosterone levels. He told me that many PCOS esp with high testosterone levels were overweight and had dark hair and were very hairy. I fall under NONE of those. I am 5’5", 155 pounds, not hairy at all but what I do have is very light. He told me he wanted me to take Spironolact 100mg twice a day. BUT I had to wait until atleast day 40 and have a negative pregnancy test before starting because it was harmful to a fetus. IMMEDIATELY I became worried. I WANT to get pregnant, so WHY do something to harm that. It says that it is mostly for getting rid of unwanted hair and acne and a high blood pressure pill, none of which I have. So, why take something that would harm a fetus when that’s what I want. I am scared it will make my hair fall out and then after I quit taking it because I have to, I will develop hair in places I dont need it. Plus, what’s the point in taking those, and making sure I don’t get pregnant for a month? I just feel so confused and my husband doesn’t quite understand why it is that I am so worried and upset about it. I just never knew something so simple could be so hard. SO… WHAT IS UP WITH THE MEDICINE, has anyone ever taken it? Or can anyone offer any advise to my whole life story I posted. EVERYONE around me is pregnant. I just want my turn. And I don’t know what to do! Please help!