Shipping frozen embryos internationally


Has anyone used the service of Cryoport for transferring frozen embryos internationally and succeed in bringing baby eventually from those frozen embryos?


I’m using them right now. Their customer service has been AMAZING!
We are scheduled to ship - leaving the USA on May 21st and hopefully arriving in Cypress on May 24th. I don’t have my donor FET scheduled yet, because I have residual tissue from my last miscarriage that I have to resolve first (operative hysteroscopy scheduled for Monday)

I hadn’t heard a lot about them, but I work in the biomedical field and asked around about shipping frozen biomedical specimens. Seems like people have good experiences with them.

I’ll let you know next week!


Shipping frozen emryos

Good luck with everything, hopefully you will have a healthy baby or babies from those embryos.
please keep me posted.
:pray: :pray:


Yael- where are you shipping to/from?

We are almost done with all our paperwork – waiting for one more permit before we can ship!


Shipping frozen emryos

I want to ship them from Israel to Los Angeles.
what happened with your shipping? hopefully everything works right for you. :pray: