short cycle due to injections?


Well, AF is definitely here. The clinic still wants me to go for a blood test on Monday, which seems pointless to me.

Have any of you experienced short cycles due to injectables? AF has arrived 9 dpo for the past 2 cycles. Does anyone know why FSH would shorten cycles? We have an appointment for an IVF consultation in November.


I am so sorry :frowning: I hate :af: !!!
This is my fist cycle with injectables, but even the two cycles I did with Clomid, my cycles were VERY short, about 24 days total.


This has happened to me on both my previous cycles. I always start spotting on day 24 which has been 9 and 10 days piui on the 2 iui’s i have done. I am on day 22 today so hoping for nothing in the next few days to ruin my hopes!! So sorry it didnt work for you this time :frowning: :grouphug: If this one doesnt work for us I think we will take the rest of the year off and start looking into IVF in 2011.