Should I have taken progesterone after IUI?


I had HCG shot on CD12 and had IUI two days CD 14. I was told to start progesterone vaginal suppositories (PVS) at bedtime on 2nd day following IUI (CD16). Well, I forgot!! Today is CD25 and as I was reading my IUI paperwork, I realized I had forgotten to do this. Does anyone know if this will affect my outcome?

I didn’t get tested for progesterone this time, which is my 2nd round with Clomid, but the first round of Clomid I had Progesterone level of 29.4.

I’m very worried that I ruined it for this cycle.


no harm in starting now. it can help support a healthy pregnancy.


Thank you becca! I will start the progesterone today. :slight_smile:


I agree with becca…also, I’ve gotten pregnant with an IUI without using progesterone and went on to have a successful pregnancy. I think some doctors just like to add it as “insurance” since you’ve invested so much emotionally, physically, and financially into your cycle. Good luck!


Thank you Kris, it’s reassuring to hear your case.

I’ve been testing opk and hpt and was getting positives. I finally got a negative opt on 10 dpiui but I am still getting positives on hpt.

Here’s to hoping!


That sounds promising…good luck! :bsv:


I got a negative hpt today, 13 dpiui. I think that means the trigger shot is out of my body so now just waiting.