Should I just give up?


I “recently” stopped a Lupron treatment and missed my dose on Oct 26th…so for last two months I’ve been bbt charting and STILL haven’t seemed to ovulate yet. I can tell though that I have had [I]at least [/I]two “false” ovulations when I gear up to ovulate but my body really doesn’t. This is so frustrating! I thought that keeping track of my temps would help as far as knowing whether or not things are back on track, when I expect :af:, If i’m :preg:, etc…but its just depressing me! :grr: Would it be a wise idea to stop temping or should I keep doing it to be aware of what my body is doing? Because right now…I dont even think my body knows what it is doing…! Have any of you ladies had extremely long cycles…are you for or against temping for these cycles???

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My RE had me stop temping and told me it’s inaccurate. I’ve also had “false positives” with ovulation tests, I honestly think the only way to be sure if to have your doctor monitor your cycle, I wish you luck!


I went through the same thing (before we knew our primary infertility issue was male factor). Ovulation test NEVER tested positive for me and the temp thing never worked. My endocrinologist told me that some women just don’t have luck with those methods, which is frusterating when you’re trying to get pregnant.

Have you had full blood panels done with an endocrinologist? If not, I would recommend it. My blood work showed that my prolactin was high and interfering with my ovulation.

Best and good luck!


All my blood tests in the past have come back normal. But, since it hasn’t been 90 days yet since ive been off of Lupron, my dr doesnt want to run any tests. Im supposed to wait at least another 30 days to ovulate/get period before there is another issue. I want to get my TSH tested though because I can tell my thyroid function is a little low, which can be caused by my other female irregularities coming off of the Lupron. I guess I will just have to wait another 30 days in this madness… :frowning:


My doc said the same thing, that of all the monitoring at home you can do–temping, monitoring your CM, etc.–none of it was really accurate enough to be worth it for someone who’s actually dealing with IF at all. He said OPKs were the best option, but even those are pretty unreliable, especially depending on what your particular issues are. I tried them for a couple months and just gave up because I would get either multiple positives or none at all. Blood tests and ultrasounds were the only things that could actually determine when I was ovulating. I wish you luck, and you might be better off forgetting about the temping unless it brings you peace of mind.