Should I use mine or donor eggs in my surrogacy program?


Hey ladies! I’m going to ukraine for my surrogacy program. But I’m not sure should i use donor eggs or try with my own. But will i have to pay again if i will have failure first time?? Anyone here used donor eggs, how do you feel about it?


Hello Maria, How old are you? I think its all depends on if you are aloud to be stimulated. What clinic are you going to? I think you can call them and ask for more information. As to me - if you are able to- of course try on your material but if no, I don;t see anything bad or embarrassing in using donors material. Clinic normally have wide donor base, you can always choose the donors who looks like you. It is so common nowadays that there is nothing to worry about.
I still think the doctors from your clinic can give you better answer.
Good luck to you honey xx


Hi, girls! I’d like to put my two pennies. Though I’m in the case of egg donation ivf, a good friend of mine applied for surrogacy in Ukrainian Biotexcom 2 years ago. have lots of things to share on the point judging from what she told me. They used OE for the procedure. Here I absolutely agree with burSu, it all depends whether your eggs are good enough for the procedure. If it’s so then I believe this is worth trying with OE before moving on with DE. What made you think of using the latter if you don’t mind me asking?
Hugs, lovely x