SIL is very pregnant - due Thursday


So my SIL is very pregnant - due Thursday… My Mom called this evening to say that she is being induced Saturday if no baby before then. I have been ‘ok’ with her being pregnant, but it was wierd hearing her say that… Almost like a reality check, maybe? All those feelings of frustration and anger and I don’t know what else came rushing back. I should also mention that my cousin who is one of my BF’s is due Valentine’s day… I am sure I will feel the same way in Feb if we don’t get a :bfp: before then… Everyone here understands these feelings, I am sure. It’s not that I am not happy for them, it’s not that I wish they weren’t having babies, and I certainly don’t wish them ill. I am just sad for us… :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr: :grr:


Been there. Felt that. Hang in there.:grouphug:


I know exactly how you feel I went through the same thing with my SIL I wanted to be happy for them but I just couldn’t . The guilt from ifeeling that way is still with me but I was just not at a point where I could suck it up and just be happy. Just the way it is with IF it won’t let you enjoy a pregnancy of your own and sometimes won’t let you be happy for loved ones who get pregnant. Sorry and hope you get to feeling better. Best baby wishes to you and all here


I just started a thread yesterday (everyone is pregnant but me) expressing the same kind of frustation that you’re going through. It’s hard , almost impossible to feel happy at finding out about such announcements, when all you’re dealing with is a :bfn: every month… I refused to give an old friend my new phone no. because she wrote on facebook that she wanted to call me as she had ‘wonderful news to share with me’ , of course about her pregnancy… years younger than me, and just recently married… whereas I’ve been married for over 3 years and still nothing. Just remember that you arent the only one getting such news and having to deal with pregnancy/birth announcements while battling IF alone. It’s the toughest thing I’ve ever dealt with… there are days (like yesterday) when such news almost make me want to commit suicide, then there are days when I’m able to receive these news more positively… just hang in there, visit the forum often, esp when you come across such news and dont have any other place to vent out. We’ll be right here for you :slight_smile: