Silly question- When do you consider your IVF protocol to have started? BCP or inject


I see a lot of threads for Nov, Dec, Jan IVF starters, but is that for birth control or the actual injectibles?

Haha silly, I know, but I just want to know where I should land :nerd:

:bsv: to you all


When I cycled I started bcp in June with stims in the end of June… Carrying over into July, so I hooked up with the July thread. I too had a hard time deciding on the June vs July thread, but noticed many of the gals were ahead of me on the June thread. Hope this helps! Good luck during your cycle!!!


usually you join the thread month when your retrieval will be. So, a retrieval in Dec would join a december thread even though you might start BCPs in Oct.


[COLOR=“Blue”][FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]I started BCP in early october but knew I wouldn’t be stimming until mid November, with retrieval at very end of November or early December. I chose a thread that was for December, and for me, the fit felt right. I’m ok if I am in a thread that is slightly ahead or behind - and I liked the one I chose because it was started early so we could chat before hand.

Good luck! :flower: [/FONT]


both great suggestions, thank you!


I never really considered the bcp to be part of the cycle. Sometimes the RE did not even require me to do the month of bcp. Good luck with your cycle!!!