Single 40 and looking at egg crypreservation


Hello everyone,

This is a cross post and I hope someone here may have some insight.

I hope I have posted this in the right place! I am looking for insight, support, and recommendations on egg cryopreservation for myself, aged 40 and single.

I tried my first round of stims and on day 11 it looks like I have maybe 5 eggs for retrieval. My protocol so far has been gonal-f 300 twice a day and lupron 20 mg in the morning which was reduced to 5 mg on day 5 (I think). My amh was .76.

Realistically, what are my chances of having a baby with these results? I do plan on using a gestational surrogate so that may help. Other than the low AMH I don’t have any known fertility issues (controlled hypothyroid).

I have been thinking about another cycle and asked my RE (or his nurse rather) if we could do something to increase my odds of a successful baby by getting more eggs in the next cycle. They have not directly answered my question about my chances. I did ask if they would try Coenzyme Q-10, DHEA, Acupuncture, Saizen etc. The response was no, maybe but not likely, no, no. What about diet? No. They said they might add Ganirelex to the protocol next go around. Maybe.

I looked at the stats on My current clinic is in the low 30s (national average) for my age group 38-40 (I’m in Atlanta) the clinic on Birmingham is at 50%.

I guess my questions at this point are:

  1. Has anyone tried cryopreservation at age 40 and been successful or not?
  2. Is it worth it to try and move clinics? If so any recommendations? I am told my success rate with a frozen egg will still be similar to that of a 40 year old egg and plus using a GS will help. I am not sure my current RE and I jive.
  3. What would you recommend to increase the number of eggs? Quality?
  4. Does anyone know if they can test for egg quality? Current RE says not until fertilization. Obviously if I flush a bunch of low-grade eggs despite the quantity I am wasting my time.
  5. Any other thoughts or recommendations?

I have just barely gotten into this and am already exhausted. Thanks for reading this far.



I don’t want to dissuade you from trying as I assume you’re already aware that your odds are fairly low due to age and DOR. My 39 year old cousin with excellent egg reserves recently attempted back to back retrievals with CCS testing. Out of 13 embryos, only 4 made it to day 5 and ZERO tested genetically normal. Hopefully you have better luck than she did!

To answer your questions,
2) I would go to the best clinic for your age group and diagnosis in the country if you are really serious and have the funds. That would probably be CCRM.
3) Since you won’t be able to test for viability without fertilizing the eggs, I’d suggest doing multiple retrieval cycles to harvest as many eggs as possible. That way you have better odds of getting at least 1 - 2 viable ones. Egg quality depends a lot on the protocol, which is why going to a top clinic is so important.
4) You can assume that most of your eggs (95% I think) aren’t viable due to age. Having low reserve may make those odds worse. There’s no way to test for viability with just an egg since you need a cell with DNA to test. Since the ovum is a single cell, testing it would destroy it. Have you considered using donor sperm and just making embryos instead? That may make a lot more sense since then you can do CCS testing (plus supposedly embryos freeze and thaw better than eggs, I seem to remember reading).

Best of luck to you!