Single Embryo Transfer


Hi there,
Just wondering if any ladies out there have been encouraged to do SETs. My RE is encouraging it for our January FET instead of transferring 2 embryos. His reasoning is that the success rate of 1 vs 2 is very similar. I would certainly prefer having only a singleton to having twins to lower any possible complications. It just feels odd to transfer only 1.
Has anyone out there been encouraged to do the same?
Thanks so much!


I was advised the same thing about success rates between transferring 1 or 2. Transferring two just increases the risk of twins.

For my FET we only transferred one and if we do another cycle, we will do the same.

:babydust: Good Luck!:babydust:


I LOVE my twins to pieces…that is why I wanted to try for another–ONE that is…I felt that I could better except trying for one and it not working than trying for one and getting twins again…I did a selective sFET and we are due in less than 4 weeks with a single BOY…(PS, the twins are thrilled!! They will probably fight over him, they wanted to know why I wasn’t having a twin for each!!)

Twins are unique, special, amazing, cool fun—hard, more complications with pregnancy, birth, premies, developmental delays–sharing your time, expense up front…

I longed for the bond of holding one baby, nursing one baby, leaving my house without 2 car seats, 2 heart lung monitor machines (4 months for miy twins)…this is suppossedly common to moms of multiples–we love our twins but suffer from SINGLETON ENVY–wanted to know what THAT is like too…So I moved on from one label to another–TWINGLES–mom to twins + a single (see my signature)…

I had a cute quote put on my baby shower invites…“Twins + another= One Happy Mother!”

Good luck with your decision.


I did an elective SET w/ my first IVF. She’s 2. I have one frozen… and, obviously, will be transferring just that one (on Wednesday)!

g/l w/ your decision.


Thank you all so much for your support! I will be going forward with a SET in January, if all else goes well.

robyanne: congratulations on your new baby! It’s such a wonderful thing to have a brand new baby in your arms. Your story also gives me hope for a single embryo transfer

wanttwingles: what a great story! You are one lucky lady! Please make no mistake - I think that twins are absolutely wonderful, but for my own health reasons, I would do much better with a singleton. I really hope that my little frozen embie is as sticky as yours! You are going to have a very busy and happy household!

emegrace: we are in the same situation - doing a fet with the embryos from a successful IVF cycle. I have my fingers crossed for great success for you!! Good luck to you!!


i too was advised to do a SET because i have a toddler and it worked :slight_smile:

good luck to you!


I did a SET with my first IVF and I have a toddler right now. My FET was a transfer of two embryos and I got a singleton out of that cycle… Good luck with either decision you make.


I was really feeling nervous about doing a SET, but I feel a little more confident now. I have 11 snow babies, but would really love for our first one to give us our BFP. :cross:


I had one child 10 years ago, without any intervention for conception.

When we were going through IVF, my RE told me that if we for sure did not want twins, she would only transfer 1, because since we knew my uterus was healthy, there was a good chance I could have had twins. We were not completely against twins so we had 2 transferred each time. Only ended up with one on the second try, but our RE was very careful.