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Ona keep us posted on the possibility of one more in the future! That would be so exciting!

Jen I’m so sorry to hear Abby’s surgery didn’t go well :frowning: When do you think she will have to have another surgery?

Ona I’m taking a little time to do some saving. After having lost my job I kind of dipped into what I had saved heavily to make it by. I’m hoping to go back in for an ultrasound etc. in a few months. Maybe spring or early summer. I’m working first on losing some weight and getting myself healthy in the hopes that it will get my body working in the best manner possible. I gained about 25 lbs while working at Garvin’s and I want to get rid of that plus the ten I had wanted to lose before starting there. I’m also trying some natural things to help shrink the cyst (or hopefully make it disappear entirely!) if it isn’t gone the next time I go in I’m going to probably look into having the cyst drained in the office and hope that works. I’m really trying to avoid surgery as that is hard to afford.

Jen I try not to worry about silly things but when I’m trying to get myself in order for pregnancy it just makes irregular periods really obnoxious. My period finally did show up about 2 weeks late, in the beginning of February but it’s been an odd cycle. Don’t know what the heck is up with my body right now. Ugh.

In the interim, I am lonely and animaless right now. My cat wasn’t doing well at all. He lost a whole bunch of weight, wouldn’t touch his food, was skittish and nervous all the time. Spent all day sleeping but every time I moved, even to switch positions, he’d go running with his ears back and his tail down and hide under the bed like someone was after him. He did this before when I first moved into my apt, too and I took him to my moms for a while and he did well and calmed down and was happy. When she moved I took him back, hoping he would be good again. Something about my apartment he doesn’t like though. I ended up having to take him back to my moms and he is doing well again. He’s been there for about a month now, has gained almost all his weight back, is calm and happy and snuggly and playful every time I go over. I don’t know why he doesn’t like my apartment. I wonder if something died there :confused:

Anyway, so I have come to terms with the fact that he is happier with my mom and am bringing home new fuzzy but babies the first week of March. Two sugar glider joey’s. I’m so excited. They are so super sweet and cute. I’ve wanted them for years and finally decided since I am otherwise entirely alone, to go for it. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Hope everyone else is doing well.


Hi All,
Ona, sorry to hear about the nanny, but happy that the job is going well.

Nickelle, hang in there, good things come to good people.

Jen, Sorry about the surgery not going well for Abigail. I hope this second round goes better.

I started my IVF cycle yesterday, those injections hurt but I know they will be worth it. The only question still in my mind is do I have them implant one or two embryos? What do you ladies think??


Congrats Latina!! I say wait and see how many embies you retrieve, how they look/grow and then decide. I did two because I was willing to take the risk for twins because of my age and because after so many years trying and so few left ahead, a twoferone pregnancy sounded pretty good.


Good luck Latina! I agree with Ona - wait to see how many embies you have. It totally depends on the quality! I transferred 3, 2, 3, 4, 3 for my IVFs and 2 and 2 for my FETs. I made a different decision each time based on how many embryos I had and what they looked like. Keep in mind that even if you get a lot of eggs, that doesn’t mean that all will fertilize or grow well. I had great fertilization but very poor growth.

For my FETs, I chose not to go for more than two - since they were donated embies I expected the quality to be higher than the embies I’d had before (and they were) and I wasn’t prepared to risk anything more than twins.


Thanks ladies! Today I went for my first scan and they told me that I have 3 follies on my left side, so they kept me on the same dose. Only side effect is that the Menopur is giving me mild headaches. But I know it is going to be worth it.


AF arrived literally to the hour when it was due. Mammo done after much drama. Bloodwork tomorrow at lunch. HYS on Monday. OB says once results are in she will write medical clearance. Nurse at IVF clinic says if all results and clearance are in before CD21 then I can start with cycle IMMEDIATELY!!! Fingers crossed for normal results for all the tests and speedy results so I can kick off the FET cycle, which if AF shows on time, would be starting on my bday!


Good luck Ona!

As for me, I went to go buy my vial for my IVF and my donor is not available until April 23 so I had to pick a new donor.

I guess things happen for a reason but I wish my old one was still available, I really liked him.

Well as long as I get a healthy baby that is all that matters to me.


latina good luck!!! Keep us posted on how things are going with the IVF treatments. :cross: for you!!

Ona I can’t believe you’re trying again :smiley: I’m so excited for you. If things work out to start on your birthday think what an AWESOME gift that would be. I hope it all goes well and you get one more bean before retiring from baby making!

Jen how is Abigail doing? Do you know when she has to go in for her next surgery?

How is everyone else doing? It’s been so super quiet in here. I check in every few days but there hasn’t been much activity lately.

AFM I’m feeling pretty good. With my refund I was able to get myself not just caught up, but a tiny bit ahead on bills, put a little away in my savings (not a lot but every penny counts, right?) and do a few nice things for myself (I bought a new pair of shoes, had a facial, and got a wax-that last one was more practical than wanting since it actually hurts like a b!tch but I have a small water heater in my apartment so showers are short). Anyway it was nice to do a few things for myself just because.

Also, finally bought the OvarianWise kit at the natural fertility store to ( :cross: ) get rid of my cyst and in a few days I’m starting a 21 day raw food cleanse. I’m just waiting for my blender since it requires a lot of smoothies and juicing. Here’s to moving forward and hoping this is my year!!!


Yay Ona!!! That is so exciting!

Latina, I get being attached to a donor, but don’t worry, once you have a little one the donor isn’t important at all! I had some great donors that I picked because my first choice wasn’t available. And even if you should be unlucky enough to get a baby that isn’t healthy (like what happened to me), that won’t matter either, because that baby will be 100% yours!


Hi Ladies,
Thank you so much for the support. I was able to find another great donor, imo… probably even better than my prior one. So very happy about that. I am on my last day of Ganirelix and I do my Ovidrel tonight too. So come Thursday morning, they will do my egg retrieval. As of yesterday’s US I had like 8 or 9 great looking ones and they were trying to push for a few more that were right on the cusp. I am happy to be done with all those injections and look forward to my embryo transfer day.
I have to admit, feeling the bloating and the hormonal changes has been quite a rollercoaster and a good prep for what is to come :slight_smile:

I am super excited for you!

I totally agree with you, once I have that baby the donor won’t matter, but for now, I am just trying to do my best for my future child.

TEOE: Hi!!!



Has anyone heard from Lucy? Do we know if she has a single maybe twin pregnancy?


Latina I was just wondering the same thing!


Latina, woohoo! Grow eggies grow!!! Here’s to lots of awesome follies filled with eggies. Sending lots of growing, fertilizing and growing some more vibes to you!

Also was wondering about many of the folks who have fallen silent.

As for me, I am out before I began… all my results were coming back normal for my pre-tests and then I had my HYS yesterday. Not only was it THE MOST PAINFUL experience I’ve had out of the three sonohysterograms I’ve had, but they found a polyp. So now, instead of starting my cycle for my birthday I am having surgery for my birthday. FML.

I’m trying to remain zen about this and tell myself it is just a delay and a speedbump and not a brick wall but for goodness sake, can’t I have an easy, drama free experience for once?

Oh well…it would have been cool to have the chance for another December baby but I guess February/March is a good time for babies too.

Wish me luck for my surgery which is scheduled for March 19. Thankfully, my boss was super understanding and my nanny is here to help with the kids. I’m more upset about having to leave them and then have them see their mama all zonked than I am about having this rather unpleasant procedure done.


Yay, Latina! Lots of good luck coming your way!

Ona, a bump is all it is! I never had a polyp (well I did, but after I was pregnant!) but I had plenty of other troubles. And a Feb/Mar baby would be wonderful.

All is okay here. Abigail is struggling more but is doing okay. She is currently working on learning how to crawl and was 8 months old yesterday! Her second open heart surgery is scheduled for March 28 so we will need lots of good vibes during that time! Really hoping that this one is actually successful…


Thanks Jen! Sending you both lots of hugs!!!


Sorry to hear about the speed bump in the road Ona, but a February/March baby would be awesome, too!

Jen hugs to both of you. Hoping that this surgery actually works and goes well. What is it they have to do this time around?


Hey everyone. I’ve read all of your stories since the chat thread began and I feel as if I know you already.

I’m 39, single and just started my first IVF. I’m really excited and very nervous at the same time. I have two friends (one single and one married) who conceived and delivered last year, so I have a decent support system. My family and other friends are supportive as well. However, nobody understands what we go through like we do so I’ve decided to join this thread.

My baseline US and BW was yesterday and my E2 was 31.5. After 9 days of 20cc of Lupron, they found 6 dormant follicles on one ovary and 4-5 on the other. I haven’t heard anyone talk about dormant follicles but re says its a good thing.

I started 150 Menopur and 300 gonal f last night. I already feel like a pin cushion but taking it all in stride.

I’m :pray: for all of the embies to grow nice and strong and for ETs to be a huge success for all.

I’m so excited to have found this page! :cheer: :clap:


Nickelle - they have to fix what they didn’t fix last time. Ideally there should’ve been just the one surgery, but of course it just had to be messier than they thought.

:welcome: GulliverGal! Sounds like you are off to a great start - good luck!


:welcome: Gullivergal and good luck with your IVF. Given that I just finished all my injections I completely understand the pin cushion feel. :pray: GL

Ona remember it is best to start healthy but ultimately to start. I know how you feel with the past year having that lap and all the other cycles, I feel like I completely get your frustration.

Jen GL with Abigail, She will come out of this stronger and healthier! :cheer:

AFM: I had my egg retrieval yesterday 21 total eggiest, feeling sore and bloated but today I got a call from my RE and they told me 13 of them fertilized! So my embryo transfer is scheduled for Tuesday… super excited. We are going for two embryo transfers.
:bsv: for me! :pray:


13 is great, Latina! Sending you strong embie growing vibes and best wishes for a easy transfer next week!