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Hi hope,
The ultrasound confirmed twins. We saw both heartbeats :slight_smile: I am excited and will be sharing the news with the rest of my family when I go visit them in New York.

Have you found a new RE yet?

:cheer:Big Congratulations on the TWINS!!! :cheer: Have fun telling your family. Do they know that you’ve been TTCing?

Nickelle - I’m not sure what type of job you are looking for, but if you are open to working through a temp agency, I suggest registering with as many of them as possible. Temp agencies are trying to build as big of a pool of candidates as they possibly can, so that when when they need to fill a position that have plenty of people to choose from and can get a placement quickly. I suggest googling temp agencies in your area and registering with every one that gets positions in your industry/field.

AFM - I have my appt. with GYN tomorrow. Have a long list of questions to ask her and tests to request. This is my first time seeing her, I hope we don’t run out of time. I decided on the RE that I want to see for 2nd opinion, but cannot make an appt with her until I either get an insurance authorization for consult or pre-pay for the appt. I’m going to try to get a diagnosis from the GYN first and go from there.

I have a question for all of you. I was reviewing all the recent test I did and noticed that my AMH was 7.33. RE didn’t mention anything about it when I got the results and I didn’t think it was a problem since the lab paperwork said that normal is between 0.16 - 8.43 for my age range. However, after reading on this forums I decided to do more research on what those values mean and found out that average is usually around 3.0 for my age. I know that having a very low AMH is not good, but does anyone know what a higher than average AMH means?


Hi All,

Latina, no AF yet… grrr… I just took my last progesterone on Saturday so I’m giving it a week. I have to call OB clinic tomorrow though because noone has called to schedule my surgery and I don’t want AF to show only to find that they’re all booked up for surgery spots. That would be the irony to beat all ironies after all this nonsense.

Hope, your AMH sounds great. Don’t go googling AMH levels either. Go by whatever the lab result says is the normal range because there are several different types of AMH tests and they all have different acceptable ranges. Also, there is definitely such thing as “high AMH” as this is one of the red flags for PCOS. If you have a good normal level (on the high end of the normal range) that indicates that you have a potentially strong ovarian reserve (I say potentially because you should never base things on just AMH results alone). Given that your result falls inside the normal range and isn’t borderline I’d say that is an excellent result. Since it is on the higher end of normal the one thing to be on the lookout for is the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation (OHSS) when you do stimming for IVF.


Jut got back from giving plasma (hey every dollar counts!) so I feel awful and will make this fast.

Ona I appreciate the referral. I will send your friend a message after I take a nap and feel like like I am about to throw up and/or pass out. Have I mentioned I hate donating plasma? I feel so awful afterwards. I barely make it upstairs without passing out (if you guys saw how many times I’ve had to delete and fix my typos in this short paragraph you’d laugh at me).

Anyway good luck to everyone I better go lay down I’m not feeling well. Will post more when I am more coherently…aliveish.


@silverbrumpy Nice one – you answered the AFC better than I could have.

@Hopeforthebest Actually didn’t do any AFC before the first 4 or so IUIs, just an oversight, and then when I went to a different doctor (for insurance coverage reasons), they did one U/S day 2 to look at AFC and cancelled the cycle because of a cyst. The next cycle they let me go ahead though because it was stable cyst rather and not growing, and it’s stayed stable for many cycles. It does make it hard to count.

I think knowing what my AFC is over time was probably helpful info when I went to IVF, it terms of picking a protocol and estimating range of possible outcomes. Wish you luck though at the IUI stage!

Tech questions on the forum: I tried to look back to see my original post, so I wouldn’t repeat myself but the search function didn’t work. Does anyone know the best way to view one’s past posts.


Hi everyone - wow, this forum has suddenly kicked back into life! Loads of posts to read and catch up on.

Latina, congrats on the twins! Your numbers were so high i was sure you were pregnant with multiples - although I did wonder if it was maybe triplets! Sorry about the early morning sickness. Strangely, I had far less morning sickness with the twins than with my singleton pregnancy.

Welcome Hope - I used to be a regular I here but don’t post often now due to being a full-time working mum of 3. My 14 month old twins keep me busy! I alsohadtoho through full blood testing etc here in Thailand so it must be a standard thing they do everywhere. I can understand why though. I also agree with Ona and the others about your REs suggested protocol. What a waste of money and time going through the IUI process if he’s not going to properly monitor ovulation. My process was exactly the same as Ona described. Follie check on day 11/12 to check lining and size and number of follies followedby a trigger shot and IUI 36 hours later. Not in my signature is two IUIs that were cancelled - one because I had ovulated even earlier than normal and one because of poor lining.

Ona, after my D&C I felt pretty awful for the rest of the day, still a bit out of it the next day and slightly weak for another couple of days. Luckily it was school holidays so didn’t have to take time off work (and explain why) but I reckon I would have stayed off about 3 days if I had. It didn’t take long formy period to come back though. I think it was about a month.

Jen, so glad to hear Abigail is recovering well. I’m sure I’d be worried about the symptoms, too. Hopefully it’s just the signs of recovery as the doctor said.

AFM, I’m on holiday in Bali at the moment. It’s hectic with the twins and traveling and sightseeing is not easy like it used to be but we are still having a good time. Would write more but typing on my phone is frustrating so will stop now.


Results from my baseline U/S yesterday were great! Better than ever. Same doctor as did many of my IUI ultrasounds read them - helpful I think to have that consistency.

R ovary: 7,5,5,5;5,4,4,4
L ovary: 18 (former cyst), 7,5,4,4,3

So 13 total and he thinks more smaller ones might be on the way. He thought the testosterone is likely what caused the difference, and that yes, with this protocol, it’s possible that the high med doses could impact quality. That said I feel confident and comfortable with the protocol and cognizant that it’s all a big gamble, just keeping calm and carrying on.

First shots of the Follistim/HGH cocktail tonight. Bit nervous but I am sure I’ll manage. Then off to Colorado (I’m cycling at CCRM) on Saturday. So much to organize before I go, work is suffering this week due to the doctor’s appointments and acupuncture but this is my priority, so I’ll just catch up over time.


I’m exhausted today. It’s been a long one. I had two interviews today across town from each other but…I got a job!!! The first interview went well. It paid well, the women in the office were very nice, and they seemed really interested in me. They said they would be interviewing through the beginning of next week and then would call around to schedule second interviews.

My second interview was an insurance company and after a short interview they hired me on the spot. I have to take a three day class to get licensed after which I’ll have training for 90 days. There seems to be an opportunity for making pretty good money once you get going (fairly average while training) but anything is better than unemployment. I’m still going to keep my eyes and ears open in case I come across something great or this job doesn’t work out. But I am hoping it will and I’m really excited to finally have a new job!

EOE hello! I think I’m off for an early sleep. I gave plasma today after my last interview and, par for the course, I feel awful now and am ready for bed.

:babydust: all around!


Congrats Nickelle! So glad you have a job and potentially a backup option if this isn’t a good fit. What a relief that must be for you!

I’m happy to report that AF has FINALLY arrived!!! OMG! I thought it would never get here!

Surgery is now set for April 26 (after MUCH wrestling with the doctor’s office).

If all goes well, that will put my transfer about 2 months from then.


Sasha - your baseline US looks great. I noticed your signature says this cycle is to freeze. Is there a reason CCRM doesn’t do fresh transfers? Do they want to test the embryos first?

Nickelle - Congratulations on the job! When do you start?

Ona - Good luck with your surgery next week.

AFM - had my GYN appt. this week. Really liked the doctor, but the office was very busy. Had to wait over an hour in the room full of pregnant ladies and newborn babies. Just had to keep thinking that I will get there someday.
She said that I have most of PCOS symptoms other then the high testosterone and the pearl pattern of cysts. That said, the official requirement for diagnosis is high testosterone, so she is having me retest for that. I also got the script for CDC testing and for the 21 day progesterone test to see for sure if I’m ovulating. I’m thinking of splitting the blood work in 2 because I have 12 tests to do, which means at least 12 tubes of blood and I can’t imagine doing all that at one time without passing out. Plus, I have the FSH test, which I think is more accurate when done on CD 3 and the progesterone that needs to be done on CD 21, so I have to go in twice anyway.

Here is a somewhat personal question for everyone: do you normally find the procedures (PAP, Internal US, IUIs) very painful? The reason I ask is that I seen a few women describe PAP as uncomfortable and mine have always been extremely painful. Not sure if it’s something about my anatomy that makes them harder or if I’m just a wimp. This time the doctor had to switch to the smallest speculum they had before she could do it. I asked her if the internal US would be as bad and she said it would be worse since the wand is wider than the speculum she used. She suggested I just stick with transabdominal USs, but I don’t think that would work well for follicles check.


@hopeforthebest I think the ultrasound wands are more comfortable than speculums for sure. I do find when they are checking my left side it’s quite tender, presumably due to the cyst and/or endomitrioma there.

Because of my age, DOR, and that I am categorized as a poor responder (which I learned today really means not-very-predictable responder), Schoolcraft thinks it will take 2-3 freeze all cycles to get a large enough batch of embryos (ideally 10 or more) to warrant CCS testing and end up with something to transfer (10-20% are estimated to pass CCS). We’ll test all of them at once, so I only pay for the CCS once.

Also FETs are now, at the more advanced clinics like CCRM, getting as good or slightly better results than fresh transfers. I understand this is in part because of vitrification and giving one’s body time to recover from the stim meds. That doesn’t mean though frozen is best for everyone. In my case, given my age, DOR, and lack of access to fresh sperm, I am opting for a go big or go home approach, using all the technology available. I think if I had a partner I might make some different choices, as it’s entirely possible that my main barrier to pregnancy is not enough attempts.


Finally, Ona! Yay!!! Good luck on Friday!

Hopeforthebest, I didn’t find the internal u/s painful generally - sometimes a little uncomfortable depending on the angle. My paps are a little painful, and my IUIs were very painful… all due to my particular anatomy. These things sometimes depend on your unique “curves”.

Abigail is doing well. Still some symptoms but they aren’t getting any worse and some have gotten better, so I am breathing a little easier. She is back to being physically adventurous and is busy pulling up on anything she can and trying to stand holding on to people. I will be rather glad when we can go back to regular bathing though… she keeps crawling away when I try to sponge bathe her!


Surgery is complete and I faired ok. Pesky polyp is removed and apart from my doctor telling me she had to put stitches into my vagina because she cut it in two places with the speculum(Owwww), it went ok. I’m home and sore and hoping that the waiting until I can do my FET (I have to sit out one cycle) goes by quickly.

Hope, I have the same response to PAPs and pretty much anything that involves messing with my cervix. It is HIghLY sensitive. I think some people just have cervixes that are more sensitive. Transvaginal u/s is definitely unpleasant for me, but not as bad as a PAP. I personally think that if your doc is willing to do abdominal u/s that is better. It’s less exposure to the damaging energies of the u/s itself, which I believe affects egg quality too. I’m not sure why you need to know your exact antral follicle count. It’s a good thing to check it once, but after that the key reason for monitoring is to just check how many dominant follicles you have. Abdominal u/s will easily show follicle count once they are big enough to measure.

Sasha, you’re really making me wish I had chosen CCRM over Sher (asshoooooooooleomio!). I am in the FET is better camp. Stimming actually alters your hormone composition in your lining and if you do get OHSS that can also affect implantation. Plus there is the stress of an IVF cycle too, which definitely impacts success rates. FET cycles are just so much less invasive and stressful and if you are at a clinic that has the freezing/thawing process down to an art, I don’t see any reason not to do a freeze-only ivf and then transfer after a break.


Hi All

Hi All,
Sorry I have been away, things have been quite hectic around here. I celebrated my 33rd birthday while in NY with family and was able to share the news of my pregnancy. Everyone was very supportive. My grandmother flew back home with me to help me around the house mostly with the cooking since the nausea is what is killing me the most, aside from the usual constipation of pregnancy. I got two more days of exogenous progesterone and estrogen and I am looking forward to ending that part of the treatment. I met my new OB today and she was really nice and reassuring. Work is going well, just celebrated my 5 year anniversary with them. Overall just trying to get thru this first trimester to start feeling better, but ultrasound shows two healthy babies, 170bmp heart rate at 9 weeks 5 days.

Ona, glad your surgery is done… next step baby planning!
Jen, glad that abigail is doing better.
Nickelle, happy that you got a job. yet!
Hope… I hope all is going well for you.

Has anyone heard from GulliverGal?

Well I am exhausted ttyl.


Sasha - Did you have your retrieval yet? How did it go?

Jen - I’m glad Abigail is getting better.

Ona- Glad surgery went well, but ouch on the stitches.
As far as internal vs. abdominal US, I’m not looking for antral follicle count, I was under impression that the only way to get an accurate # and sizes of the follicles before triggering was through a transvaginal US. I’ll ask the new RE if it’s possible to do an abdominal US. The Dr. who recommended abdominal is GYN, so I don’t think she was thinking about all the details of fertility treatments, it was more of a general recommendation.

Latina - Happy belated birthday! I’m glad your family is supportive. Did they know you were going through IF treatments prior to your pregnancy announcement? Maybe the nausea will subside a bit now that you are off the extra hormones.

Nickelle - How is the new job going? Did you have your appt. with the new RE last month?

AFM - I finished Provera on Wednesday and AF came this morning. The only problem is that it puts my CD 3 on Sunday and that’s the only day the lab is closed. I called the Dr’s office to find out if I should do FSH test on day 2 or 4 and was told I can do it on day 4 early in the morning. I asked for results of my Pap and was told I have to redo it because there were not enough cells in the original sample to do the test :grr:. Needless to say I was unhappy. I don’t know how that could happen, I never had that problem before. Now I have to take another half day off work to repeat the test when I was so happy that’s one thing I checked off my list and wouldn’t have to do for another year.
At this point I figured the earliest I would get to do an IUI is in July. The May cycle is going for testing and I’m sure it will take time after that to get things figured out with insurance and get an appt. with the new RE. Plus, with my cycles being so irregular I will either have to do another 10 days of Provera or wait who knows how long for AF to show up on its own before I can start the IUI cycle.


I think I may need to stay off facebook today. It was a mistake to go on in the first place. Posts about Mother’s Day everywhere. Just makes me sad and sick at heart.

I dread even having to call my mother and my sister to tell them Happy Mother’d Day. It just reminds me of what I don’t have.

Today is not going to be a good day.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone here lucky enough to be a mama or mama-to-be. Hope it’s a good one.

Now I think I’m going to go hide until today is over.


Hi ladies! Sorry I went MIA, Had a major home issue and had to move out for almost 2 months! My house got some renovations along the way, however, unpacking an entire house that was packed up with busy twins, is a whole different story! I hope to be unpacked by the end of July… seriously! Just not enough time working full time!

Oh well… tried to just keep my sense of humor as well as go with the flow. Now I have to finish gathering documents for the insurance company, who wanted them a week ago!

Anyway… :welcome: to the new gals!

Ona- Glad to hear surgery went well. How exciting that you are going to try for another one! I’d love to, but don’t think that will happen due to $ reasons, still not saying 100% no just yet! I am blessed to have these two.

Jen- Happy to hear Abigail is doing well following surgery! I know it has to be hard and scary! I hope your family was able to be there for you!

Melanie- Kudos to you! School will be out when for you? I can’t believe Rose & Levi are one already! I love that you guys get to go on all those little trips! FUN, but I know lots of work! What great experiences though, especially for Toby!

Nickelle- I remember those days. Anyone who had to REALLY work for babies appreciates days like today all the more! I know you feel like it is taking forever, but I have everything crossed that your time is coming soon!

Hello to EOE, I am sure I am missing many! I hope to drop by more often, although time is a premium these days!
Know I am TOYA and trying to read even if I don’t post!

Does anyone ever hear from Katherine, Susan, Marissa, and some of the gals around a while ago?

[quote=thelifespark]I think I may need to stay off facebook today. It was a mistake to go on in the first place. Posts about Mother’s Day everywhere. Just makes me sad and sick at heart.

I dread even having to call my mother and my sister to tell them Happy Mother’d Day. It just reminds me of what I don’t have.

Today is not going to be a good day.

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone here lucky enough to be a mama or mama-to-be. Hope it’s a good one.

Now I think I’m going to go hide until today is over.[/quote]


@HopefortheBest I wrote a longer message on the CCRMGirls thread. Short version is I didn’t respond to the Cetrotide for ovulation suppression so though everything was looking good until then, the retrieval yielded no eggs. Things are looking good for next cycle but of course the cost just went up significantly, as I’ll need to do 3-4 cycles now total.

I was fatigued during the cycle, and completely exhausted for nearly two weeks after, not quite back to 100% but close now. Planning to prime in June for a second round in July.


Sasha - I’m so sorry to hear that your first IVF attempt didn’t work:grouphug:. Sometimes the whole Fertility Treatments process seems more trial and error then science. I hope they can make some changes in your protocol for your second IVF and you get much better results.

AFM - Just waiting to do my CD 21 labs. My FSH was OK on day 4 (couldn’t do day 3 since it was Sunday). However, LH was more than twice the FSH and I think its supposed to be a 1:1 ratio. TSH was a bit out of range as well, and it was perfect when they checked it in December. I’m waiting to do the second set of blood work before I talk to the Dr. and see what all of that means.


Hi Ladies

Hi all,
Sorry I have been MIA, but between the morning sickness and somnolence life has been pretty slow lately. I did have a little scary spotting on saturday, but the hospital checked me out and we are ok.
I am posting a recent US of the twins. Still don’t know the sex, but hoping to find out soon.

sorry to hear the cycle didn’t work.

How is Abigail?

When are you going to be able to try for a cycle?

Lots of luck to you with the Doctor.

I am sorry Mother’s day was hard for you. I remember how I felt last year. But like Godiva said, your turn shall come soon.



Latina I’m so excited for you!!! The u/s is so sweet. Do you have any names picked out?

So I’ve started my new job. I had two days of working interviews and today was my first official day. The owner of the company called to see how my first day went. She said there’s a learning curve but new team members are expected to be great by 40 houses. Then she said with the feedback she’s gotten back from the team leads I’ve worked with so far she thinks I’m going to be great by 20 or 30 house in which case I may skip a pay grade and by fall she expect me to be a lead myself. She said she has high expectations from me because she’s heard really great things. It feels great to have someone giving you a vote of confidence and since team leads make $15 and hour I won’t complain if she’s expecting me to make it there by fall.

Anyway, my RE appointment is rescheduled for next month because it WAS scheduled for today and I couldn’t very well blow off my first day at a new job. I figured I’d get settled in and then go. So I’m scheduled for June 17th and really praying for something like good news!

Sorry to make this so short and not address many personals but I’m exhausted. Hope everyone is doing well!