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Hi Godiva and others
I’m still around and do check in every week or so. One week of my summer holidays has flown by already. My mum is coming on the 19th for three weeks which will be great - first time seeing the twins (except on Skype) since they were 11 weeks old. They are now 17 months and into everything! The other day I was in the kitchen for a few minutes and came back into the living room to find one on top of the table and one on my desk!

They don’t say many words yet - ja-ay (Thai for peek-a-boo) and uh-oh for both of them. Levi says hi, bye-bye, mum, mama and that’s about it. And Rose says wow, water (sounds like daughter) and jump (actually dump, dump, dump!). They both ask for ‘more’ using baby sign and that’s all really.

Latina, I hope you’re feeling well. Whodey, nice to here your update! Ona, good luck for your transfer on the 18th. Nickelle, glad you have been having a better time. Keep up with the weight loss - it’s hard but worth it. I need to lose weight, too. Getting started is the hardest part!



Hi ladies,
Sorry I have been gone for awhile. I was dealing with the nausea/forcing myself to eat scenario…which thankfully has resolved and I am now on track with my baby weight gain… Approximately 26 lbs up to now… I am aiming for 1 lb a week now so that will be a lot easier to do and I am only expecting 17 more weeks as per my OB. I have also found out that I am getting a boy and a girl! Yey names are already picked out. However I have been slacking as far as birthing classes, shopping and getting gear. Would love advice on the stroller situation… Double tandem or side by side? Any brand better than others? Should I get one crib or two in the beginning? Should I get the fancy ones now that will last me for several years? Or go for more affordable ones and buy toddler beds in the future? Any advice on the shopping/registry stuff to get would be greatly appreciated. Dad moves in this weekend so having him around will help with the honey do list,…lol

PS is it normal to already have back pain, heartburn and feet swelling like I am 7 mo preggo when I am only a bit over 5 mo?

Super happy for you …lots of :bsv:

Congrats on the weight loss! Keep it up.

Hope that things get back on track and that you can come back on the ttc wagon.

To EOE hi!


Hey all!

Transfer was on thursday and went well. It’s been hectic as the twins both got stomach bug/food poisoning leading up to transfer day. I slept maybe a total of about 6 hours in three days. I was so tired on transfer day that I actually fell asleep in the room waiting for the doctor and then again after the transfer. It was touch and go as my nanny was my ride and I really didn’t want to bring vomiting toddlers on a one hour car ride let alone make them sit in a waiting room but they turned around and were all better on transfer day and were their angelic selves at the doctor’s office.

So far, I’ve just had cramping and then yesterday I got hit with the mother of all migraines. Once again, the twins were super stars. They are the best. I can’t even describe how lucky I am to have such amazing beings in my world.

I transferred two embryos. One was “really good” and the other was “ok”. I didn’t use the first one they thawed as they said it looked very poor, then the second was ok, and the third was great so I transferred the last two. I’m going to call the lab tomorrow to see what became of the poorly one. They said they’d let it keep going and if it turned a corner they’d refreeze it, but the photo i got looked rather sad and shriveled like a raisin with a lot of cell death so I’m not optimistic.

Anyway, fingers crossed. Not sure if I will test or not. I already have my perfect angel twins and so I’m very zen this time and I think that is better. After so many years of trying, I was a bit stunned to finally get a BFP and I think all those years of focused determination made the experience of finally succeeding a bit surreal. I feel like the whole pregnancy and birth was a bit of a blur and I never really was in the moment. So this time, the pressure is off and I will enjoy each moment and see what the next moment brings. I’m fine with however it turns out and just want to soak up the experience without any stress or surreal cloudiness, if that makes sense.

Latina, my only advice with twins is less is more. You’ll be shocked at how fast they outgrow things and you really don’t need all that stuff. Invest in a good carrier, like an Ergo as that saved my life! It’s great to be able to hold both babies or hold one and still have hands free. I got the babyjogger citi mini double which is a side by side and I know lots of twin moms with it and they all love it. I like it because it is a one move open/close and it fits in my car. No wrestling with the closures. It also reclines fully so newborns can use it and it is relatively lightweight but has a great max weight allowing you to use it a long time. It also fits through standard doors and is easy to turn and push. The tandem strollers can be more difficult to push and maneuver. I would say don’t waste your money on fancy nursery. Just get a couple of paknplays (the kind with the bassinet). You can stick both babies in there together until they start rolling over, then you can take out the bassinet and use it as a cot. We cosleep, which frankly, if you are planning to nurse, is the only way to stay sane with two babies. The only other advice I’d give is if you’re planning to nurse, find a lac consultant now and get some help before the babies come and also invest in a hospital grade pump (like the medela symphony). You can rent them or you may be able to get insurance to cover it. I believe healthcare reform now requires insurance to cover breast pumps. The only other thing I can think of that was a major win with twins is to get baby gowns for when they are little and when they’re big enough for sleepers go for the kind with the zips not the snaps. When you have two to change that little bit of time saved is HUGE.


Latina- Congrats on b/g twins!!! It’s wonderful! I have my own suggestions on baby gear, but each mom is different on what they want/need!

Baby bath- Personally, For a good while, I used the kitchen sink and the big sponge that they sell at Target or amazon. I had this fancy bath tub set, and only used it for a few months, and then never again.

Strollers/car seats- First year I used the double snap n’ go which I absolutely LOVED! You use your car seats and they snap into the stroller frame! It was recommended to me, as its super light weight. I used the Graco Snugride car seats. My kiddos are still in those seats, although we are expecting our new convertible seats to arrive tomorrow! YIPPPEEE! We now have the stroller that Ona also has… city mini double! Really like it as well and it was recommended by twin moms!

Cribs- I had 2 cribs, and let them sleep alone at the beginning. I discovered a few months later before they could roll over that they preferred sleeping in one crib. I did that method til they rolled, then back to their own bed. My cribs are convertible but they were not that expensive. They are made by Graco, got a great safety rating and are the “Sarah” model. I also looked at the “Lauren” model. I love my mattresses, and I got them from Walmart. I can look up the name if you’d like. As far as crib bedding, I was fortunate to have a friend give me mine, but I would suggest looking at Craigslist in your area. In my area a ton of people sell theirs. Ebay is another great source for decent prices.

Swings- I had a big snugabunny one by Fisher price, but in hind sight would probably get the ones that are smaller and have 2 instead of one, since my kids loved the swing.

If you have a “once upon a child” or kids consignment, It is a wonderful way to get lots of clothes at cheap prices. Especially the sleepers! I also have gotten some from craigslist. I agree with Ona, about the zippers. We do have many snap kinds too! My saying is- “zippers are quicker”!

I could go on and on, and I actually created a list of things I really liked so if you are interested, I can email it to you, if you PM me your address.

Ona- Congrats on your transfer! :bsv: :bsv: SOrry the twins were sick but happy they recovered! I am also blessed with fantastic babies! I bet this time around is so much more peaceful! I am still hoping you get a bfp!

Whodey- Awesome to get an update from you!

Sylva- So great to hear from you too!

TIme is a flying. You wait and wait to cycle, get pregnant, etc. and then once you do and the baby comes it goes by soooo fast! :bsv:

I’m TOYA and hope everyone is doing well! :flower:


One week post transfer of 2 blastocysts here and I have a faint:bfp: !! I didn’t have any HPTs until yesterday so I tested yesterday and this morning. A teeeeeeeeeeeny bit darker this morning but still quite light but a line is a line. Beta is on Monday. I’m feeling very zen about it all. It’s nice to not feel any pressure. If it works, great. If not, that’s ok too. It made seeing a line actually much nicer and I can now let it soak in rather than feeling like it didnt really happen or feeling like my head is in a fog and everything is surreal, if that makes sense.


Latina :cheer: for boy girl twins! We seem to have a lot of those around here! Must be something in the water lol What are the names you’ve chosen? Or are you waiting until they’re born to tell? Hope you’re feeling alright. Can’t wait to to see pics of the lo’s when they come along.

Ona super excited for you (tentative) bfp! Keep us posted on what happens after your beta on Monday. So glad you can just relax and enjoy the journey a little more this time.

WhoDey glad your lo is doing well!

Godiva how are you and your lo’s doing? Time flies doesn’t it! My niece just turned 6 and I thought my head might explode at how big she is now and how fast it went.

AFM, still working on getting in shape. Have no officially lost 20 lbs. I have 17 to go to get to my goal weight. I’ve been feeling better now that I’m making healthier choices, too. My friend Jamie and I have been going hiking every weekend, trying to have fun and do active things together before she leaves for Germany (her husband recently got stationed there) in a couple of months.

School starts for me again in August. I’ve been feeling so-so about school because it just feels like I’ve been there forever and gotten nowhere but then I was checking my requirements and realized I was a LOT closer to graduating than I thought. If I can take a full load this semester and next semester and test out of ONE math class so I only have one left to do, I should be done next spring! Just one more year!

In other news, I lost yet another job. They just didn’t have enough work and since I’m low man on the totem pole I got the axe. Today was my last day. Feeling the pressure. Hate that I’m unemployed yet AGAIN but had a friend help me redo my resume and am confident something better will come along soon.

Hello to EOE and hoe you all are well!


Not good news over here. Beta levels low and not rising, so looks like early MC/chemical. We were in a car accident on Saturday and I am worried that had something to do with it. The damage to my car wasn’t too bad but the forces involved were pretty extreme and the stress was very high both from the accident itself but also because the driver fled the scene and I had to chase her down.

I’m very sad because it’s not like it was just a BFN. I was pregnant. I felt the pregnancy and had all those hopes and dreams and now it is all gone.

I’m not complaining because who can complain when they have the amazing kids I already have but I am a bit sad that they don’t get to have a baby brother/sister.


Sorry to hear that, Ona. Will you give it another try or was this your one shot? I’m guessing it’s better to be chemical rather than early m/c as far as your body being ready to try again sooner? Or, if the m/c is early, doesn’t not matter too much. I had to wait 3 cycles before my lining was good enough to retry IUI.

I just read this piece of good news and thought I’d share. The parents if the 2 year old triplets that died in the foreign Qatar last year have just welcomed twins.


[quote=silverbrumby]Not good news over here. Beta levels low and not rising, so looks like early MC/chemical. We were in a car accident on Saturday and I am worried that had something to do with it. The damage to my car wasn’t too bad but the forces involved were pretty extreme and the stress was very high both from the accident itself but also because the driver fled the scene and I had to chase her down.

I’m very sad because it’s not like it was just a BFN. I was pregnant. I felt the pregnancy and had all those hopes and dreams and now it is all gone.

I’m not complaining because who can complain when they have the amazing kids I already have but I am a bit sad that they don’t get to have a baby brother/sister.[/quote]

So sorry Ona! :grouphug:


Cannot afford another try so this was a one shot deal. I decided to stay on meds and see OB before I give up hope since I feel pregnant and still have positive HPT. May just be delaying the inevitable, but I stopped meds and then an hour later it just felt like the wrong thing to do. The OB is seeing me tomorrow. THey will do another beta and probably an u/s.


Ona- I am thinking of you! How was your OB appointment? I am so sorry to hear about your accident! I am glad you were able to chase down the person! How were Sky and River?

Sylva- Good to see you! Thanks for the story!

Nickelle- I return to work tomorrow… happy to have a job, but not ready to return to stress and craziness! How is your healthy lifestyle going? I need to be sleeping already! LOL

Latina- How are you?

Waffling- Good to see you too!

TOYA! Hello to EOE!


:cross: that it is just a singleton slow starter.


Thanks gals!

OB appt today was a bit awkward. When I had made the appointment I’d told them the whole history but either the person scheduling didn’t write it down or the nurse/doctor didn’t read it. I came in and they did the normal appt stuff…weight, BP, pee in a cup, send me to room to wait for doc.

The nurse or nurse assistant (I hope she wasn’t the nurse cuz she wasn’t that bright) came in with a big bag of promo-stuff like prenatal vitamins and pamphlets and coupons and was beaming and said “Congratulations!”. I was like “Uhhhhh.”

I told her I already knew I had a BFP since I’d gotten one the week before but that I was there because I was concerned about my beta hcg results which were low and not doubling. She got this blank look and said she forgot one thing to add to my bag and that the doc should be in shortly. She came back in and added it to the bag and smiled and left.

THe doc came in and said “You must be excited” and I said “actually, I am guarded” and retold the reason I had given for coming in. She asked how many weeks I was and I told her and explained it was a FET and gave her all that history and said that my nurse was out on vacation and the REs office had the secretary call me and all she said was “It’s low, the doctor says to stop your meds”. I told her that just didn’t feel right and that I decided to stay on them until the nurse got back but that I was worried about risks of ectopic and just wanted to make sure I had someone locally to monitor me and give me a better idea of what was going on.

She said that it was too early to do an u/s and that with my hcg levels she wasn’t worried about ectopic and that there really wasn’t any danger of ectopic rupture unless my hcg was at least in the hundreds and I was closer to 6 weeks. She said that we’d wait and see what the HCG looked like. She said anything over 50 was good but that if it was still in 30s or lower then she’d probably recommend stopping meds as well.

I’ve had some brown spotting, very very light (only when I wipe and really only just a tinge to the crinone stuff on its way out…sorry if tmi) and a few tiny flecks of red. Don’t know if this is good or not and really it could go either way so I’m not reading anything into it.

I’ve taken two more HPTs and the line is still stubbornly there. Not dark but not a ghost either. It hasn’t really changed much. It was a bit lighter yesterday but then darker again today, but that was mostly likely owing to urine concentration since the variation was very very small.

I won’t know the results of the test until Monday so I’m trying to not think about it. Whatever will be will be. I am hopeful but not under any illusion as to how low my chances are.

Please send all your thoughts, prayers, baby dust!!!

As for the accident, the twins were with me. I am SO grateful they were rear facing or they might have been injured given the forces involved. They didn’t have any injuries and we went straight to the chiro who checked them and adjusted them. The next day, River kept saying “Car smash. Broken.” (which is what he says when we read Go Dog Do and we get to the page with dogs in cars (and two of them have an accident).


Oh dear, the nurse sounds a bit thick. I have a friend that had an allergic reaction to something a few weeks after giving birth and went to the doctor who didn’t look at her notes and started by asking how many weeks pregnant she was as, of course, she still had a belly. Pays to read notes to avoid embarrassment!

Hopefully you’ll have a good result on Monday but it sounds like the chances are slim. Annoying that you have to wait so long for the results!

Godiva, I thought you went back to work on the 19th like me? Are you going in for prep work or perhaps I’ve confused you with someone else. My mother is on holiday with me for another week but I’ll too to school for a few hours most days the week after to get ready for the new school year.


Ona- So sorry about the ding dong nurse/assistant! I hope that it is just early and that you had a late implanter! The fact that you still are showing a double line on hpt is a good sign I believe!
Sorry you have to wait until Monday for results! I will be watching for your update! Thank goodness the kids were all right & rear facing! That is funny about River’s comments!
Keeping you in my thoughts and sending extra :babydust: :babydust: :bsv: :bsv: :babydust: :babydust:

Melanie- Sadly, we usually go back around the 19th, but this year the school calendar was changed for some unknown reason. Enjoy the rest of your holiday with your mom there to help and visit with… I’m sure she is having a ball making memories with the kids! Try and get a little R&R while she is there!

Hello to EOE, I am not mentally or physically ready to return to the full-time working mom gig! LOL Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful to have a good job, just wish I could figure out a way to work part time without winning the lottery! :wink:


Ona, I’m so sorry to hear about the car accident and frustrating doctor’s visit, I’m surprised they couldn’t at least perform an u/s to check for a sac, I guess the answers will come soon enough, FX for good news or peace of mind on Monday.

Melanie and Godiva-welcome back to the working world soon enough, it sucks,lol. Enjoy your last few weeks off!

I took LO on vaca a few weeks ago, surprisingly he really enjoyed the beach and we had a great time, although his hair is so light I was afraid his head would burn and I was constantly spraying lotion-lol-the first week back to work was rough on us both!


It’s over. Worst cramps of my life, bleeding and the HPT line has faded. Very sad but hugging my little monkeys close and so so grateful I have them.


Sorry Ona. Big hugs.


I’m so sorry Ona :frowning: I was so hopeful for you.


IUI Cancelled

Hi everyone. I haven’t posed in a while. I ended up switching REs and spent the last couple of months doing some testing and resolving TSH issues. During the testing it was confirmed that I did not ovulate on my own the last 2 months (no meds), so the plan for August was 5 days of Letrozole and then Ovidrel shot. As you can see from my signature, things didn’t go as planned. I had my monitoring U/S and B/W in the morning and at 3:30PM nurse called me to say that B/W showed I already ovulated, probably the evening before. She said I still had an option of coming in that day to do the IUI if I could make it within 30 minutes, since they close at 4PM. There was no way I could make it, I was at work about 1 - 1.5 hour away. I’m not sure it would have done much good anyways since it would have been about 20 hours past ovulation. I never expected to get so close and not even get a chance to try to get pregnant this month. The only thing the nurse could say was that they would start monitoring me earlier next time. I think I will also use an ovulation kit next time. I’m still in a funk about the whole thing, I keep thinking that I should be waiting for beta now, but instead I’m waiting for :af: again. It doesn’t help that I turn 33 in less then a month. I’m kicking myself for not starting this process earlier.