SIRM in Dallas anyone?


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I have decided to look at seeing another RE in the Dallas area since I am from Oklahoma. Anyone have any experience seeing Dr. Walid Saleh? How long it takes to get a consult? Please share you stories and advice about Dr. Saleh and his clinic.

My current RE at Center for assisted reproduction in Frisco/Bedford is just becoming something I don’t think I need. The lack of communication with the entire clinic between nurses and the RE’s is AWFUL. I LOVED my RE bc she was so passionate and caring but I almost feel as if it was fake. And once my insurance was maxed they started treating me a little different.

I have asked her to do further immune and blood clot testing but since her clinic “doesn’t believe that can affect the outcome” she wont. I want answers. I’m sick and tired of being told “you just fall in that % of unexplained” We discussed doing PGD for the next IVF cycle, but then I get calls and emails about doing donor embryos. UHHH we NEVER talked about doing that. I am just fed up. Had to vent a bit! lol


I didn’t go to SIRM Dallas so I cannot answer your questions. But if you consider other REs in the area, I am very happy with Dr. Le at Advanced Reproductive Care Center. I am in 2ww now, I don’t know if this cycle is successful yet, but embryos looked way better than the last cycle at Houston IVF.

We met Dr. Le when we lived in Dallas for a very short time. Now we live in Canada, our communication with him and nurses by emails and phone calls were very smooth. We talked mainly over emails for about 2 months before starting the cycle. Their response to emails were within 24 hours.