SIRM NYC- Dr. Tortoriello, IVF


Looking for people who have cycled or are cycling for IVF at SIRM NYC…I am using Dr. T and would love to hear about your experience(s).

[B][I][U]What is your medical diagnosis?
What was your protocol for IVF?
How many times have you tried IVF?
Did you do a 3dt or a 5dt?
How many embies did you transfer?
Did you get your results yet? [/U][/I][/B]

Just looking for some advice and answers from patients.


Hi…he is my Dr and I think he is pretty amazing. At 44…he got me 16 follies… twice. My 2nd fresh cycle I had 8 embies go to blast which is pretty much unheard of at my age. From that one cycle I had two pregnancies…one m/c and a chemical from a subsequent FET…not his fault…but old eggs. My first cycle I did a 3DT although he strongly favors 5DT’s and that cycle was a BFN. My next two cycles were 5DT’s and were BFP’s as I stated above. Protocol both cycles was EPP. GL!!


Hi there @ classc_1! So happy to hear about your experience. Hope you are still on this board. I have 4 failed cycles at Cornell and probably switching to Tortoriello. Was very worried about the change and how his clinic handles embryos. Cornell was important to me because they are known for their lab but just cant deal with that system anymore.