Sixth BFN


Well ladies its official, my beta came back negative. I’m not going to let this send me into depression. I’ve just going to be appreciative of the opportunities that I have. I’m fortunate to have 100% cover for fertility with my insurance. Although this is my sixth procedure, I still have unlimited IUI’s, unlimited FETs, and three fresh ivf cycles left. This gives me the opportunity to improve me so that I can provide a safe haven for my little bundle of joy. I wish all of well and see you in the future when I cycle again. I think the next step is a fresh ivf.


So sorry to hear that :grouphug:. Luckily you are blessed to have 100% Fertility coverage. I’ll say a :pray: for you and that this 1st IVF will result in :bfp:


so sorry to hear about BFN

Your bright side is a very, shiny one - how very fortunate to have that insurance plan - it certainly takes alot of stress off - Sounds like you are getting or maybe already at that good place in your heart - good luck in the future