Sleep Apnea and Things to Test


Hi all,

I have been away for awhile. It just was too hard to read and write about IF after my IUI didn’t work out.

I’m about to do my next cycle though and needed some advice.

I just found out that I have obstructive sleep apnea. Basically, I barely sleep and sometimes I stop breathing for up to 34 seconds. Yeah, I know that’s bad. :frowning: My oxygen saturation (amount in my blood) goes down to 78% as well.

Does anyone have this and had a successful pregnancy?

I should be getting a CPAP machine soon to help but I am worried about any future fetus issues.

Any suggestions or success stories would be most helpful. :slight_smile:

The other question I had was about blood testing.

I recently found out that some family members are carriers for cystic fibrosis. My mom wants me to get tested for it. That doesn’t bother me but I am going on Monday.

What other conditions/tests should I ask for?

I’d rather do it once rather than multiple times. lol

THANK YOU for all of your help, in advance.