Slow betas and large yolk sac?


Hi everyone. I’ve been in limbo basically since our first beta and we are still pretty sure that I’ll miscarry. However, I wanted to hear everyone’s opinions (good and bad) and stories if this has happened to you. I had an FET of 2 5 day blasts grade 1AA (the best). My betas have been really slow and I was told from the beginning that this wasn’t going to be a viable pregnancy. I completely agree, because I don’t have any of the symptoms I did with my DD and it seems very similar to when I had a missed miscarriage…however, with that one I never saw a heartbeat. On my last ultrasound there was a heartbeat and baby was measuring just 2 days behind. Everything looked normal, my RE said, except the yolk sac was large. She told me she was 90% sure that this would still end in miscarriage. Below is the info of all my appointments. Please let me know if you’ve had something similar with a large sac and how it turned out. I feel like a walking time bomb and it’s so hard to think of myself as pregnant when I’m pretty sure that it’s not viable. I appreciate everyone’s feedback!

started getting BFP’s on frer at 5dp5dt.
[B]10dp5dt[/B]: 99
[B]12dp5dt[/B]: 156
[B]14dp5dt[/B]: 269
[B]17dp5dt[/B]: 542
[B]5w4d[/B]: 1384, ultrasound showed gestational sac and very small yolk sac. Told it was measuring behind (forgot exactly what they said), but I think it was about 5 days behind. Told most likely it would not grow anymore
[B]6w2d[/B]: saw fetal pole and heartbeat of 102 bpm. Was measuring at 6w0d. Everything looked normal, but yolk sac was measuring at 5.3mm. Told that anything above 5.5mm was very bad. Given 90% chance that this would end in miscarriage.


[SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]I don’t have a personal story to share but I wanted to say Miracle’s happen every day. Don’t give up hope.[/FONT] :grouphug: [/SIZE]


Thanks for the encouragement, webelieveinmiracles. Anyone else have any opinions/stories on this???


I agree - it’s early. Don’t give up hope! Anything can happen at this point! :grouphug: :grouphug:



I don’t have a very good story to share, but I went through something similar. With my last pregnancy, I went to my first u/s at 6w5d. At that time, they could only see the sac and yolk sac, no fetal pole. At my 7w5d appt, we saw the fetal pole and heard the heartbeat, but we were measuring 1 week behind. The next week at 8w5d, there was still a heartbeat but very little growth and the following week, no heartbeat. We did analysis on the fetal tissue and it showed multiple trisomies, so it was not a viable pregnancy to begin with.

I really hope this is not the case for you. Praying for you! :cross: