Slow E2 rise talk me off the ledge please :(


Was on 150 of gonal for 3 days E2 was 79 upped it to 300 last night now it’s 80 so really no movement they have adde 150 of menopur which I’ve never taken this is throwing me through I loop I hyperstinulated last time on no meds and the cost of this is not something i anticipated is it over for me ??? On u/s I had 40+ <10mm follies amh is 9 fsh was 5.4


Bump bump :frowning:


Sorry I am really no help here I just wanted to wish you luck. Did they check your levels again today?
It does seem a little strange that it didn’t rise especially with the increase in meds and the fact that you hyperstimmed last time. Hopefully it was just a fluke and you’ll be back on track.


Thank u so much just for the reply … It means so much :slight_smile: I get my blood work done tomorrow !! Super nervous


Best wishes tomorrow. I am a slow riser. Sometimes, my E2 doesn’t make it over 100 until day 15 or so. With my son, it hovered around 40 until day 15 and then only made it to the 180s.

Everyone is different. Hopefully, you have a clinic that understands that and gives your ovaries a little bit of time.

Wishing you the best at your appointment tomorrow!!