Slow Embies Success Stories


Hello ladies!

I’ve been lurking around this forum for a few months and absolutely love the support system. As you can see in my sig, I’m a multiple IVFer and constantly have had less than optimal embies in my current/past cycles. My embies are slowpokes…development on day 3 is typically around 5-7 cells and I have yet to get my BFP. I am currently in my 2ww with one 6-cell embaby and would love to hear success stories from ladies with slow embies and/or other IVF vet. Also would love to chat with other ladies currently in 2ww to overanalyze our symptoms together :slight_smile:


Hi JPBbaby,

Thanks for posting.

I’m new to this forum. In a nutshell, we are in the same boat but I think my case is even more severe. I have never had more than 4 follicles.

I don’t know how to put a signature so here’s my history;

I’m 42, hubby is 51.
In July 2010, I had one embryo. Transfer was canceled as the embie did not progress.
In November 2010, one embie was transferred. BFN.
In November 2011, one embie was transferred. BFN.
In June 2012, I had 2 embies, one was transferred. BFN.

I now have 2 follicles. Retrieval should be end of this week. I’m hoping that they both divide and are transferred. I have faith that I shall finally have a BFP. With twins!!! Who knows?? Miracles do happen…

All the best. Keep us updated.


Godsmiracle - thanks for your reply! I am crossing my fingers and toes for the both of us!!! It is pretty frustrating to have to take bazillion meds and then not getting the picture painted result. Being able to chat with ladies in the same situation certainly makes the journey less lonely and irritating :slight_smile: Do you know the quality of your previous embies? Please do keep me posted of your ER and ET results. Cheers to miracles!!!

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Hi JPBaby,

Thanks for info on how to add my signature. I hope it worked.

My embies are always grade C. My doc is however very positive and he says that he has seen many grade Cs go to full pregnancy so I know it can happen. I’m optimistic.

Keep your faith up! Keep me posted.


It worked, I can see your sig :slight_smile:

Bumping this thread, I know there are successes out there with less than textbook embies/results. Please share your stories with us.

I am now 3dp3dt and have been having this heavy feeling in my abdominal area. However, no twinges or period cramps like in prior ET…so I hope this is a good sign. Can’t even POAS this cycle as my suppositories for this 2WW are Progesterone combined with HCG shots. But I have to admit that I have been POASing anyway…just to see the 2 pink lines =D

Forgot to mention that I’m doing IVF in Japan because my DH is active duty and we’re now stationed in JP. This is truly a blessing in disguise as IVF cycles in JP are much cheaper than the US (around $3K for fresh and $500 for frozen…depending on the currency rate). Although the protocols here are much different than the US clinics (from what I can gather from lurking around the www forums).

Hope to see many more responses and success stories from other lovely ladies in this forum!