Slow Morula's and Early Blastocyst's on Day 5


I usually am pretty private, but I need some encouragement outside of my loving family. I am 36, and my DH is 32. We are attempting to have our first child. We both checked out just fine with our tests, so we are considered to be an unexplained infertility case.

We recently started IVF, and had 17 eggs retrieved, but only 14 eggs fertilized.

On the 3rd day, the Doctor called to tell me that my embryos are actually a 15 count, but they are growing slowly. He told me that one is at 7 cell, and the rest vary from 4 to 6 cells. He did tell me they were grade 1 which is great and that we have very little fragmentation.

Today (Day 5) the doctor called int he morning to cancel the procedure because the embryos are not ready.

We have 2 early blastocyst , but they are at grade 1, and he wants them to mature to grade 3 or 4. They want to keep them in the lab until tomorrow to see if they mature (big and round).

We also have 4 morula (the stage before blastocyst ), and they are hoping they turn into blastocyst by tomorrow. He wants me to stop all of the meds, and let a period come. If we have embryos to freeze, then they will put them in during a frozen transfer. He said this is quite common.

I am so down in the dumps and I feel like a failure. Has anyone else been through this?


I just had a similar situation. I had on day 5
1-morula/blast almost there
1- morula

They transferred all three. I was wondering why they didn’t want to wait. I guess they thought they would do better in the uterus.

Hope I was of some help.


Baby dust to you

I wish you lots of luck. My doctor didn’t want to transfer it because he wanted to see if the blastocysts continue to grow and the morulas by day 6. He said he won’t do a transfer on day 6, so if they mature, he will freeze them and do a frozen transfer as soon as possible.

Just so frustrating. I am so worried that tomorrow he will tell me none of them survived! ahh