Slow rising beta level. Has this happened to anyone else?


I have slow rising beta numbers. 10 days post fet beta was 20. 12 days post beta 33. 15 days post beta 121. Next beta on Monday 3/11. Told to be cautiously optimistic. Any thoughts or previous experience with this. Trying to keep positive thoughts


Mine started off pretty low too, thankfully so far so good. Theres nothing you can do but wait it out and try really hard not to stress, ok? And you know that FETs are known to be lower numbers ( with some) and late implanters are common. Hang in there honey - xoxo


Your doubling times are within 72 hours so that is a good sign. At one point my beta doubling time was over 72 hours and things are still good so far. Frozen embryos are often slower to crank up the hcg machine. Below is a link to the beta doubling calculator. Good luck!:babydust:

Beta hCG Doubling Calculator | Countdown to Pregnancy