Smoking and DOR/POF


Hi everyone. I am 28, and when I was 24 we TTC#2 and after testing my FSH was high. I was devastated being so young. I think my highest number was 14 or 15. I did IVF, we got i think 8 eggs, 5 fertiliized (with ICSI) and we transfered 3 3-day embies. it was a negative. My RE thought that my eggs just werent very good/or not enough of them. I had smoked for about 8 years up until i wanted to do IVF. then i quit about 4 months before we did it. I didnt know smoking was a contributiing factor to egg depletion or i would’ve quit years before that. Anyways, fast forward to now, i want to try something again in the way of treatments and am waiting until i get AF again to go do Day 3 Labs and see what my FSH and AMH are. They didnt do AMH a few years ago, not that i know of, so that will be interesting to know what that # is. Anyways, does anyone have any experience with their FSH #'s going down or egg quality beign better after they quit smoking for a while?? i dont know if that is even possible for the eggs to get better or your FSH to go down, but i would love to hear any stories of success or relative success… Thanks, Rach