For some reason I thought of you guys today and I wanted to pop in and check up on a few old friends.

I hope everyone is doing well and is happy.

My husband and I are still child-free. I’m living a lifelong dream of being a filmmaker and well…generally life is pretty good.

If any of my old friends are around, please let me know how you guys are doing. If anyone new needs any type of encouragement for life after infertility…let me know.

Have a lovely night and I pray that your peace is steadfast.

Monica Mingo


Hi Monica,

Hope u’re still doing great!
That’s really good to hear from you & know that u’re still thinking positive and enjoy this life with all of its beauty and variety…

Just keep moving forward coz life is so short…just no free time for fear or sadness at all, right? :dance:

Have a nice sunday,