So confused with my chart


Hello ladies! I missed my Lupron dose on Oct 26 and am now ttc again after a 5 month break. I am charting, as I always have last 2 years:grr:, and I FOR SURE ovulated on Nov 25th. I had all my usual signs, symptoms, etc. My temp rose and stayed high for 5 days, then plummeted. I have had also a lot of cramps, all my usual pms symptoms, etc. So I figured it was a good thing and I had an implant dip, but it has stayed low, maybe gotten even lower since. I am now, presumably, 9 dpo and I have had temp dips last 4 days in a row…?:grr:

It has been cold in my house last four days and I have had restless sleep, so could it be from that and I just need to discard the temps so FF can put my crosshairs back? Or am I just being WAY too optimistic and I haven’t ovulated yet, but thought I did?? (which has happened to me a couple times before…)

Here is my chart…
29df31 Ovulation charts on


From my chart learning (been doing it since 2004) I’d say you geared up to ovulate with your signs but didn’t. That can happen.


Well after 5 days of low temps, my temp shot back up. So, I guess I just ovulated yesterday??? My DH and I havent BD, but im trying to look at the positive. I usually have a 11-day LP, but I have lost 40 pounds, so maybe that will lengthen it. Knowing 100% that I couldnt be pregnant this month will prevent me from going POAS crazy if my LP is longer this month than usual…:woohoo: