So confused


I have not been on here in a while but knew I could come back just to get this off my chest. I said with my age I was only going to have the one child especially since my pregnancy was a rough one. Too much fluid from 10 wks, considered high risk pregnancy, gestational diabetes then went into labor at 26wks (luckily stopped) with a week in the hospital and meds/bedrest for the remainder of pregnancy.
Anyway now I will be 40 in July and here I am 5days past start of AF (this would be natural pregnancy, no meds involved). But I have taken 4 pregnancy test and all BFN. 2 first morning and 2 mid-day. My emotions are running crazy. I don’t have the symptoms as I did with my son, but I do have some, or could this be my mind playing tricks on me…Just crazy!! UGGG


How many days past ovulation are you?


I am thinking complete false alarm now. I think my period tracker got messed up. I just have to chill for now. I am not as emotionally strong as so many on here.