So disappointing, only 2 embryos out of 14 eggs


I’d love some input from some of you more knowledgable and experienced IVFers. DH and I started TTC in Sept 2008. I am a healthy weight and have had regular cycles. After a year of trying, my RE diagnosed me with polycystic ovaries.After 8 IUIs (and one chemical pregnancy), I am in the middle of my first IVF cycle. Based on my Gonal F IUIs, my RE knew I am extremely sensitive to the meds. He started my stims at a low dosage (75iu gonal-f and 75iu menopur). At my first monitoring appt I had 20 follicles in each ovary. He continually lowered my dosage. Despite the lowering, my estrogen levels went from ~800 on day 6 of stimming to ~3800 on day 8. Fearing OHSS, my RE lowered my stims to only 37.5iu menopur. After that, on day 8 of stims, my estrogen crashed down to ~1100. My RE told me that we may have lost all the smaller follicles due to the crash. If we were lucky, we might still get 4-6. I had to make a quick decision whether to continue with the retrieval or cancel. We decided to continue and did the retrieval yesterday. I was happy and relieved when they said they got 14 eggs. My RE expected that 7-10 would fertilize. Unfortunately, we got the call this morning saying that even though 13 of the 14 were mature, only 2 fertilized. We don’t have answers yet to explain such a dismal fertilization report. It could be due to my estrogen crash. It could be a sperm issue we didn’t know about. We now have to watch the 2 embryos and hope they continue to divide. We were originally hoping to transfer only one at day 5. Now we might have to transfer sooner and maybe transfer both. I really don’t know how to feel about all this. I’m definitely disappointed. Should I be happy to have 2 embyos? I’m also scared to have too much hope. It seems like every time I get my hopes up, they get crushed. I’m so tired of this rollercoaster ride. If any of you have experienced a similar IVF cycle with either good or bad results (I’m trying to stay level headed) or if any of you have any insight you’d like to share, I’d love your input and support. I need all the support I can get right now. Thanks.


[B]Smurf: [/B]I definitely understand where you are coming from. Although we have different issues, I was very disappointed with my fertilization report for both cycles. My signature has a lot of information but (with only one ovary), I had 9 eggs my first round and only 1 fertilized. The 2nd cycle I had only 4 eggs and 2 fertilized but only one lasted more than 48 hours for our 2 day transfer.

We went into IVF with a sperm issue (low sperm) and are now dealing with egg issues (poor ovarian response.)

If I can give you one bit of advice, I would highly recommend you to see a therapist if possible. My clinic offers complimentary therapy and I use it all the time. It has really helped me along this rollercoaster ride from h*ll.

Good luck to you!


Smurf: I do think that PCOS plays a factor in all of this. While I have always been able to harvest many eggs, I have never had more than 2 embryos. It really sucks. I also think they learned a lot from this cycle and will hopefully stim you different next time. I highly recommend the Antagonist for anyone with PCOS, it reduces the risk of OHSS we all must fear. Sometimes that makes the docs hold you back on meds, and these things can happen.

however, hopefully there won’t need to be a next time. I had 2 embies last time and they were perfect. If one hadn’t wandered into my tube, I would still be pregnant right now. Don’t give up hope yet!


smurf, I understand your frustration. My first IVF we only got 3 fertilized eggs… We transferred 2 and both took. You really only need one to work. Good luck!


I understand what you are going through. My last cycle we had 10 retreived and only 2 fertilized. I remember crying my eyes out for a few days and even looking into donor sperm. I was sure this cycle was a bust! We sufferend from PCOS and low count and motility. The embryos were also fragmented and not the best. My son is 4 1/2 months old. It only takes one and my RE has always said he has seen not the best looking embryos make beautiful babies. Good luck!


My first IVF cycle I was responding slowly. I was on 600 ius gonal F and 150 menopur for 12 days. Ended up retrieving 20 eggs. I thought we were so lucky! Only 15 were mature, 10 fertilized. By day 3 I had 5 “not great” embryos ranging from 2 - 6 cell (only 1 was 6 cells!). I was devastated and we transferred all 5. I spent three days on bedrest planning to use DE for our next attempt.

I will be 35 weeks tomorrow with our little boy. It only takes ONE!!! And not even a textbook 8 cell without fragmentation or 5 day blast. Don’t give up hope on those 2. But I am sure your RE learned a lot from this cycle in terms of meds and your estrogen levels.

Good luck!